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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Saturday 2-29 Pepper Creek Trail

Hiking Pepper Creek Trail

We had a gorgeous day with a lot of sunshine. It got up to the mid 70s and had wind.

In the morning it was a little chilly but not too cold to go for a hike. We decided to hike the Pepper Creek Trail. We hadn't been there for a long time. We hiked for about an hour and hiked almost three miles. The trail was concrete and went along Pepper Creek. We saw a lot of people walking, jogging and walking their dogs. Now that Crossroad Park was built and a disc golf course was put it you have to be careful walking the trail because the course is on both side of the trail. We saw people playing disc golf. The course was very hard because you have to throw the disc through trees. There are trees all over the place so you will hit a tree or two while playing. We had a great hike. 

Pepper Creek Trail

Water flowing over a rock wall in Pepper Creek
A group of guys playing disc golf
The pad at hole 3 of the disc golf course

The sign at hole 9

One of the many signs that warns hikers about discs

The disc golf basket at hole 10

On the way to Pepper Creek Trail we stopped by Walmart and filled the car up with gas.

In the afternoon I worked on my puzzle. We watched an episodes of GizWiz and the YouTube videos we follow. I did my daily challenges and Solitaire World Tour challenge of 30 games.

In the evening we finished watching the third season of Bramwell. Then I finished watching the 11th season of Bones. I did 18,000 steps.   

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