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Monday, March 16, 2020

Sunday 3-15 Rainy Afternoon

Having fun playing in the rain

The day started at out with overcast skies, by the afternoon the rain started to come down. It wasn't a down pour but it was a steady sprinkle, that's ok we need the rain. It was suppose to be get to 75 degrees but it didn't get out of the high 50's.

Once again we hung around the house. Yesterday, I sewed the Velcro on my ski hat and today we finished the project. I put on my helmet and Larry put the ski hat on the helmet. Then he marked the helmet to let him know where to put the Velcro. He did one at a time to make sure that the pieces on the helmet matched up with the ones on the hat. When we finished the hat was stable and I don't think it will come off. It also looks great. I'm ready to go back on the slopes but I'll have to wait until next year because the ski resorts all closed due to the coronavirus.The sewing project wasn't too painful and it came out great.

How the hat looks from the side

The finished sewing project from the front

I started writing my daily blog back in 2006. Back then Larry set everything up on GoDaddy but in 2015 we changed to blogger. We no longer needed GoDaddy for my blog but Larry has continued to use it for backing up our computer to the cloud. When the time came to renew Larry would end up calling and negotiate a better price and pay for as many years in advance as possible. This summer it will be due and since we only use it for data backup there are less expensive options. He has started working out which service will work the best. He signed up for Google Drive but it was very slow, in two days it still had not completed backing up all of our data, he discontinued it and got a refund. Today he tried Microsoft Onedrive, it was much faster but when I went to work on my annual book I couldn't open the document, in fact it said that it wasn't there anyone. I cried to Larry about it being gone and he discovered that Microsoft Onedrive had moved all our documents to the cloud and removed them from the computer. He recovered the files and turned off Onedrive. Since we travel so much and often don't have internet access we can't always work off of cloud services and it would be a pain to move the documents back and forth. He will continue to look at other options.

In the afternoon I started to read a historic fiction book off my Kindle. It's called The Siege Winter written by Ariana Franklin. Larry thought I would like this book because it is similar to the Brother Cadfael series that I enjoy. It takes place in the same era (the 1100's). 

Yesterday, I made sausage Empanadas for dinner. Today I was going to make more but Larry suggested using bacon instead of sausage. That's what I did. I think they were the best Empanadas I have made. They tasted great.

Bacon Empanadas

In the evening we watched the second episode of Star Wars called Attack of the Clones. Then we watched an episode of Travels By Narrowboat. Then I watched the last episode of Suspects. I started watching Murdock Mysteries season 13. I did 18,000 steps, which means for this week I did 128,659 steps. I came in fourth place of my group of ten. I did my Solitaire Daily Challenges, there wasn't an event today.  


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