Pictures From October 2018 - It's All About Having Fun!!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Saturday 1-18 Bake Sale and Dancing

Having fun

We didn't have a get together this morning because J-Five was having a garage and bake sale. Instead we went to Kripsy Kreme and bought a few doughnuts. Larry had read that Krispy Kreme was now making mini donuts with the calorie count of 90. When we got to Krispy Kreme the sign was on so we got a free donut. We looked at the mini donuts and found that they were $1.00 a piece and the regular size donut was $1.19. We passed on the mini donuts and bought two maple glazed donuts and two of the regular donuts. On top of that we received a free donut. Today was our first Krispy Kreme donut since we arrived in the Valley.

Visiting Krispy Creme Doughnuts

While we're in the Valley we normally go to the two major flea markets, Mercadome and Don Wes. Today after breakfast we went to Don Wes. We walked around and walked through vendors for about an hour. We stopped by the vendor that sells Western shirts and looked at the shirts. We were looking for two shirts that matched and had short sleeves. We didn't find what we wanted. We had a very nice time walking around Don Wes. 

When we got back at the Minnie I went to the club house, where the J-Five had its bake sale, They had two six foot long tables full of goodies. I bought a mini banana bread and a plate full of peanut butter Rice Krispy treats. Instead of lunch we snacked on these items.

Banana Bread and Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Then I worked my Solitaire Event: World Tour (30 games). I did 19 games before we went to our afternoon dance.

On Saturday afternoons Randy Dougherty has two dances, C2 and C1. For C1 We had 18 couples which was four and a half squares. Randy put us in weird positions, the C2 dancers that stayed for the C1 dance were also having problems. We had a super afternoon dancing to Randy and with friends.

By the time we got home it was time for dinner. After dinner I walked around for 45 minutes to get in some of my steps. 

When I got finished Larry was waiting for me. He asked if I wanted to go to Joe Saltel's Saturday Ice Cream Social Plus Dance. The dance started at 7:00 with rounds and 7:30 to 9:30 was the actual dance with one round in between tips. Joe had 39 couples. He was one couple shy of having 10 squares. They had 10 couples doing rounds. After the second tip Klondike Bars and Fudgesicles were served. Ron Woolcock did the cuing for the round dancers. Joe did an outstanding job of calling and making the dance fun. Betty did a great job of taking in the money and serving the ice cream. We had a fun time dancing plus to Joe.

Some of our plus dancers friends

Dancers enjoying taking a break

Round dancing to Ron

Joe Saltel talking to a couple of dancers

Ron Woolcock

When I got home I finished up the World Tour Solitaire game and did my daily challenge. We had an outstanding day.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Friday 1-17-20 Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday

I started the day out by doing a Solitaire Event: TriPeaks Mini, which had five TriPeaks games. It took me 8 minutes and 24 seconds. This put me in 25th place in my group.

Our first dance of the day was at Tropical Valley Acres to dance C1 with Bronc Wise. We had nine squares and no one sitting out. Bronc went over Triangles, Blocks and Triple Waves and Boxes. Bronc's dance isn't that complex but he is very smooth and fun. We had a great morning of dancing with Bronc.

For lunch we went to the Taco Bell that is near the Methodist Church we dance at on Friday. We shared a Mexican Pizza and Triple Layer Nacho.

After lunch we were back dancing Randy Dougherty's Freaky Friday Dance. He calls this dance Freaky Friday because he put the dancers in weird position and it's on Friday. A few years ago he had Wacky Wednesday, it was the same dance but held on Wednesday's. Randy is a very creative caller and can put you in positions that you would never see elsewhere. We love dancing to him because he is very challenging. He is so hard that you have to think all the time. I personally think that by dancing with Randy, he makes you a better dancer. We had exactly five squares. We danced with our friends from Marble Falls and other A dancers. We had a super afternoon of dancing.

When I got home I went over to the laundry and washed a load of shirts. While the shirts were washing I went back to the Minnie and relaxed.

Doing a little laundry

We spent the evening in the Minnie reading. I finished doing 16,500 steps. We had a relaxing evening.

Relaxing with a book

Friday, January 17, 2020

Thursday 1-16 C1 Dancing and Card Bingo

Hi, have a great day

After sleeping for 10 hours I crawled out of bed and made mini waffles for our breakfast. Then I started working on my Solitaire Event: Two Game Tango, which had 20 games (10 Klondike and 10 Pyramid). Today's event went a lot better, it took me 1 hour 26 minutes and 44 seconds. When I finished I was ranked 27th. In the morning I'll find out exactly where I ended up.

Yesterday one of our friends from Canada, Karen, asked if I would like a red, white and blue hat that flashes, I said sure. So in the afternoon she brought it to me while I was dancing with Joe, she was attending the round dance after our dance. The hat is super. It has three different settings, one where the lights flash fast, another one when it doesn't flash at all and another one where one light comes on at a time. She is in the process of cleaning out the house she has in the Valley because she and her husband are not coming back next year.

New hat
We spent the day dancing C1 with two great callers. The first dance was at 10:00 to Ross Howell. It was an actual dance. He added this dance to his schedule so the C1 dancers could dance to him. We had 10 couples, which was two and a half squares. This gave two couples an opportunity to rest at least one tip. We have danced with Ross many times but this was our first dance with him in The Valley. Ross walked us through a few moves we were having problems with. We had a super morning of dancing with friends and Ross Howell.

Ross Howell calling his C1 dance
Dancers waiting for the next call

Friends enjoying dancing to Ross

Friends having fun during the dance

We only had an hour until the next dance and it was across The Valley at Tip of Texas. We stopped by Burger King and had a couple of tacos.

The afternoon dance was a C1 Workshop to Randy Doughtery. We had 21 couples, which made five squares plus an extra couple. Randy cued us through a couple of calls we were having problems with. We were out one tip. We had more people at Randy's Workshop because some of the dancers were C2 dancers. In the morning they were dancing C2. We had a super time dancing to Randy and with friends.

In the evening I went over to the hall and played card bingo. We had 24 people playing card bingo. We played 12 games with the paybacks at 10 games $3.60 and the 6th and 12th had $6.00. I won the 6th game, I paid $2 to play so I came home $4.00 ahead. The first game had three winners so each got $1.20 but the rest only had one winner. I had a great time playing.

After card bingo I went home and finished my steps, which was 16,500 steps.    

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wednesday 1-15 Wonderful Wednesday

We started the day out by going to the J-Five Get Together. Once again it was a full house. They had a lot to cover considering we're not having a Saturday Get Together because the park is having a garage and bake sale. We had a special speaker representing an insurance company. She comes every year to give a pitch for people to buy some sort of insurance while they're in the Valley, she provided today's donuts. The board looked at the parks finances and decided they needed to raise a bit more money so they decided to raise the price on their suppers from $5.00 to $7.00. Next week there is a soup supper. We had a nice meeting.
After the meeting we went to Pharr South to dance A2 with Darryl Lipscomb. We had eight squares and a couple of extra couples. Darryl did a lot of fun stuff. The last tip Darryl called a mainstream song that he is going to record. He wanted to see how it danced. We had a super time with friends and dancing to Darryl.
We had an hour for lunch before having our C1 Dance. Larry decided to take me to Fazoli's. We shared an Italian Submarino, it was delicious. Fazoli's has terrific bread sticks.
At 1:00 we were back on the dance floor dancing C1 to Joe. We had 3 squares. Joe put us in different positions then we were use to being in. Joe is so laid back and he waited for the dancers to catch up. I'm glad he cued us through some of the moves because I needed it. We spent a great afternoon laughing and having fun with friends and Joe.

Joe said he had 20 squares at his morning plus dance. The square dance season here in The Valley is probably near its peak. There will be a few more people showing up over the next couple of weeks but by the middle of February people will start to trickle away.

In the evening I walked around the park for 45 minutes. Then I stepped in place to get the rest of my steps. At the end of the day I got 16,000 steps. After doing my steps I read until it was time to go to bed. I called it a night at 9:30, which is early considering I don't normally go to bed until 1:00.

Doing my steps

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tuesday 1-14 Dancing and Bingo

We had a terrific day. The humidity was once again high but the clouds were gone.

We started the day out by going to Tropic Star in Pharr to dance A2 with Joe Saltel. We had 31 couples, which made 7 squares with three couples sitting out. It was a super morning of dancing. Our friends from Canada, Gorgon and Jeane showed up. Joe is always a pleasure to dance to because he is always laughing and having a great time. He makes the dancers enjoy the dance because of his personality. He worked on Zig and Zag, Zig is to turn to the right and Zag is to turn to the left. What made it hard was he did it as couples. He also worked on different couple concepts. We had an outstanding morning dancing to Joe.

Yesterday, when I was talking to Len I told him I would wear my pink cowboy hat if he would wear his cowboy hat. Well, I showed up wearing mine but he forgot his. He felt bad so we agreed to try next week. I got a lot of compliments on the hat so I won't mind wearing it again.

We had an hour for lunch so we went to What A Burger and shared a salad. While we were eating a couple we know from Ohio, Myrna and Ken joined us, they just arrived this week. It was a pleasure to spend lunch with friends.

After lunch we were back on the floor dancing C1 to Darryl Lipscomb. We had eight and a half squares. Darryl walked us through calls we were having trouble with. He put us in weird positions but it was fun. We had super afternoon of dancing to Darryl and friends.

In the evening I went across the street to the J-Five hall and played Bingo. We had a great turnout. The payback was 12 at $3.45 and 2 at $10.00. We played a lot of different games, the 2 that paid $10.00 was the blackout. It cost me $3.60 for three cards and I won one game at $3.45. I bought a diet coke. Diana and Ruth ran the Bingo, they baked cookies (peanut butter and oatmeal raisin) for refreshments. We played 7 games and then took a break. I had a wonderful night playing bingo. While I played bingo Larry read. We had a super day.  

Bingo night at J-Five

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monday 1-13 Dancing and Tom Wurth

Put on the fan, it's humid

The wind was down but the humidity was high. I had a bit of a headache all day because of the high humidity.

We started the day out by going to Peppermint Palace for Bronc Wise's C1 Workshop. We had eight and a half squares. Every week there are more and more people showing up. Bronc went over Chain Reaction and Concentric Concepts. He put us in all different positions for the Chain Reaction. Some positions were very confusing, Bronc had to go over these positions many times. The Concentric Concepts can be confusing because the center two couples do the call normally but the outer two couples have to do the move with each other. At times the outer two couples either have to walk backwards or forward to get into a line or wave, very confusing. When they're tagging the line they have to get in front of the center two couples. Bronc did a super job of teaching the concepts of both Chain Reaction and Concentric.

We had an hour for lunch before going to our afternoon dance. We stopped at Wendy's and shared a Spicy Buffalo Salad. We like going to Wendy's for salads because they have five different salads to chose from. It was delicious.

At 1:00 we were back on the floor at Pharr South to dance A2 with Darryl Lipscomb. We had exactly five squares. Our friends Gary, Sharon, Mary and Linda just arrived yesterday and are going to be here a month. Darryl introduced the group to different Counter Rotates. The dancers were struggling to see the concept because in the A2 level you only do one concept. When you get into the C1 level you're introduced to all the other Counter Rotates. When we were in the square we could help the dancers if needed. Darryl did a great job.  

By the time we finished doing two dances we're tired and all we want to do is go home and relax.

In the evening we went to see Tom Wurth at Bluebonnet RV Park. Tom Wurth performs Country, Gospel, Blues and Rock. He was raised in NW Iowa and lives in Nashville. He is a one man entertainer and is very enthusiastic. He sings a lot of songs the audience knows and encourages the audience to participate. At intermission the park served cake and a cup of coffee for a dollar. The park also sold ice cream bars and sodas. We had a very fun evening with Tom Wurth.

Blue Bonnet stage

Tom Wurth

When we got home I finished my steps, which were 8,000 steps. When I finished I had done 16,000 steps total. We had a very nice day.      

Monday, January 13, 2020

Sunday 1-12 Laundry Day

Sunny windy day

This morning was a little chilly. The sun came out and it became a beautiful 80 degree day, awesome.

Sundays are our relaxing day. There is no dancing. We didn't have any plans so I did laundry. The Minnie is small and we certainly don't have room for a washer and dryer. We are thankful that J-Five has a laundry room. It has six washers and six dryer. For each load it cost $1.25 to wash and another $1.25 to dry. About 10:30 I decided to do the laundry. The site we are camped at is really close to the laundry room so I walked over to do laundry. I was in luck, the washers were available and a gentleman was just finishing up folding his laundry. About 30 minutes later I went back to put my loads in the dryer. I had to wait a few minutes for the loads to be finished. Once they were done I loaded the dryers. As I was doing this another gentleman showed up to do laundry. I guess Sunday is laundry day for people. While waiting for the laundry to dry we had lunch. Then I went over and finished the laundry. I was finished by 12:30.

Doing laundry

Reading is fun

We spent the day relaxing in the Minnie. We read and napped. I did my daily challenges and The Solitaire Event: Two Game Tango. Today the two games were Spider and TriPeaks. Each game had ten games. When I finished I was 17th in my group of 100 people but it was early I won't know where I really came in until tomorrow.

In the evening I finished reading The Indigo Girl. It was a historic fiction book based on a true story of an sixteen year old girl who was put in charge of her father's plantation in South Carolina. It's about the relationship she had with her slaves and how independent she was. It was an excellent book. I ended up doing 16,000 steps


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Saturday 1-11 Dancing and Entertainment

Happy Saturday

The wind was down and it switched directions out of the north. The temperature was very comfortable and the humidity was down.

We started the day out by going to the J-Five Saturday get together. It was a full house. We sat at a table that was mainly men. I asked if I could join the men's table and the men said of course. A little while later another couple joined the table. When they do announcements they use two different microphones, a wired one and a wireless. When Marty was going over what was happening in the park she was using the wireless and it kept cutting out. When she was finished one of the lady's told her she had to put the microphone close to her mouth and keep talking or it goes to sleep. She did exactly what she was told and it still did it. Marty is such a great sport everyone laughed including herself. It was a fun time at the get together with J-Five friends.

J-Five RV Park

Then we went back to the Minnie and read until it was time to go square dancing. 

Reading is fun

Our Saturday dance was at Casa Del Sol RV Park in Donna with Randy Dougherty calling. We had three squares plus an extra lady (Jean). The dance was a C1 dance and it's run by cards so whenever Jean danced the man sitting out danced with her. This works out excellent. Randy put us in positions that were weird and the floor had problems. Then he walked us through the move. Everyone was laughing and had a super afternoon dancing to Randy. We had a great time dancing with friends.

Get your partner and dance

In the evening we went to Mission West RV Park to see the Baker Family. The Baker Family sings Bluegrass, Gospel and Classic Country. The group is a mother and three siblings. The mother (Carrier) plays the upright bass and guitar. Trustin, who is 20 plays the banjo and fiddle. Carina, who is 18 plays mandolin and fiddle. Elijah, who is 16 plays the guitar and upright bass. The siblings also all sing. The Baker Family did an outstanding job of entertaining. The hall at Mission West was very nice. We had a great time.

The Baker Family

Elijah playing the upright bass while Carrier plays the guitar

Trustin playing the violin while Carina plays the mandolin

Carina singing and playing the mandolin

Trustin playing the banjo

When we got home I only had about 3,000 steps so I had to get going, I walked around J-Five for a half hour, then I stepped in place. I ended up only doing 11,000 steps, I missed my goal by 3,000 steps. Tomorrow I'll try harder to get my goal. Then I read before calling it a night. We had a great day.     

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Friday 1-10 Fabulous Friday

Doing the happy dance

The wind was out of the south and blew very strong all day long. When the wind would gust the Minnie was rocking and rolling, it felt like the wind was going to pick the Minnie up. The temperature got into the low 80s.

Hold on tight

We spent the morning dancing C1 with Bronc Wise at Tropical Valley RV Park. We had exactly six squares. Bronc stopped the dance once in awhile to walk us through moves people were having problems with. We danced a lot of Block Formations, Triple Boxes, Triple Waves and Tally Ho. We had a super morning.

We had an hour break for lunch so we went to Taco Bell on the way to our afternoon dance.

Our afternoon dance was called Freaky Friday, because Randy Dougherty puts the squares in freaky positions. The dance is very challenging. Today Randy went over Quarter Tag, which is a quick easy move but it's not called too often so we broke down. Randy also cued the floor through moves that aren't called at the Advanced level. We had a great afternoon.

In the evening we hung around the Minnie and read. I did my steps, which were 16,500. I did my daily Challenge and The World Tour Challenge, which had 30 games. We had a fabulous Friday.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Thursday 1-9 Dancing to Randy Dougherty

Awesome day of dancing

We had a windy humid day. 

I started the day out by doing my Solitaire Event Challenge, which was called Two Game Tango Mini. It had six games (three were Spider and three were Free Cell.

Then we spent the morning and afternoon dancing with Randy Dougherty at Tip of Texas RV Park. The first dance was at 10:00 and was an A2 DBD Workshop for two hours. We had 14 couples and an extra lady, we had three squares. During the workshop Randy worked on Motivate, Quarter Thru, Right Roll, Zoom and other moves. When Randy did these moves he put us in weird positions. He always has the dancers thinking. You know when you dance to Randy you will breakdown but everyone still laughs and has fun.    

We were out the last tip so we were able to go to lunch 15 minutes early which made it better because we beat the lunch crowd to Taco Bell. We like going to Taco Bell because it's convenient and we like the food. Our friends Sheryl and Lanny joined us. We had a very nice visit with them.

At 1:00 we were back on the floor dancing. The afternoon session was a C1 Workshop. We had four squares and an extra three people. During the workshop Randy went over some of the moves we were having problems with. While doing so he changed it up and put us in positions using the moves that we weren't use to being in. Nancy and Art were nice enough to bring some caramels for us to snack on. We sat out one tip. Even though the squares keep breaking down we still laugh and have a great time. Randy also has fun and laughs with us.

On the way home we stopped by Walmart to buy a couple of things and to get more money for our dancing and entertainment. While there we picked up a chicken and that's what we had for dinner.

Grocery shopping

In the evening I went to J-Five hall and played Card Bingo. We started out with 19 people and the payback was 5 games $2.80 and the 6th game $5.00. After the first hand another person showed up so the $2.80 games became $3.00. Our neighbor won three hands one at $2.80, one at $3.00 and one at $5.00. It was a lot of fun. When I got home I did my steps, which was 16,000. I started reading The Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd.    

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Wednesday 1-8 Day of Dancing

Laughing with friends

We started the day out by going to the Wednesday get together at J-Five. They had a special speaker from Viva Tours, he talked about the different tours his company has to offer for the Winter Texans. The tours are to different cities in Mexico. He said instead of taking a bus to a couple of the cities they're now going to fly because it was a cheaper and you get there quicker. He give us a lot of information. We had a great time visiting with our J-Five friends and finding out what's happening.

Afterwards we went to a morning dance at Pharr South, it was an A2 Dance with Darryl Lipscomb. We had six squares and everyone had to dance every tip. We had a fantastic morning of dancing.

We had an hour break for lunch. We went back to What A Burger because it's very convenient. While we were eating a couple (Len and Nina) from Canada that we dance with joined us. We had a very nice lunch getting to know Len and Nina.

We were back on the floor at !:00. This time the dance was a C1 Dance at the Tropic Star with Joe Saltel. We had ten couples. Joe put us in some positions we're not use to being in. He is always complimenting the floor on their dancing. He takes his time calling and waits for everyone to catch up. When we're struggling he cues us through the move. This is very helpful because sometimes you just don't hear a call or can't see the move. We spent the afternoon laughing and having a great time dancing to Joe. 

Square dancing with friends
In the evening we hung around the house. Larry read. I worked on my Solitaire Challenge, which was Easy Street with 30 games. I walked five laps around the park. I added an extra 500 steps so I ended up doing 16,500 steps. We had a relaxing evening.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Tuesday 1-7 Dancing and Entertainment


More dancers are arriving in The Valley, this morning Chester and Vickie, Art and Patricia and Jack and Mary Lee.

We started the day out by going to the Tropic Star in Pharr, where we danced A2 to Joe Saltel. We had five squares and an extra couple. Joe runs his dances using cards instead of a computer, either way ensures you dance with different people. We had a great time dancing and having fun. The first tip is always shaky because people are trying to wake up, including me. Joe really enjoys calling and spends a lot of time laughing. In between tips he goes around and visits with the dancers. He serves danishes for a breakfast snack. We had an outstanding morning of dancing and visiting.

We had an hour break for lunch. Our afternoon dance was directly across the street from Tropic Star at Pharr South. We went down the street to What A Burger and shared a Grilled Chicken Apple Cranberry Salad. We sat down with Mary Pat and Joe. We had a pleasant lunch visiting with them. 

After lunch we danced C1 at Pharr South with Darryl Lipscomb. We had exactly six squares. Darryl continued working on moves that you might not see a lot. Today we worked on Concentric Vertical Tags. I was glad that the more experienced dancers helped me. We had a great time at the dance.

This morning when we were dancing with our friends Art and Patricia from Florida, they mentioned they were going to Tropic Star in the evening to see Rusty Rierson. After dinner we decided to go to the show. Rusty is a native of South-central Kansas. He was raised on a family farm. He was very good. He sings Country and Rock 'n' Roll. He kept the audience entertained by telling stories and singing songs the audience could sing along with him. He also sang songs he wrote. They served popcorn and ice cream cones before and at intermission. Larry bought me an ice cream cone. It was a chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve cone. Before the performance and at intermission we visited with Art and Patricia. We had a very nice evening.

Rusty Rierson

When we got home I finished doing my 16,000 steps.   

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Monday 1-6 Dancing and Entertainment

Fun time with friends

Today was sunny and beautiful, it was windy but it got to near 80 degrees. 

We started the day out by going to Peppermint Palace at 9:30 for a C1 Workshop with Bronc Wise. We had five and a half squares. Bronc worked on Tally Ho, Blocks and finish/replace moves. Every week more people are showing up to dance. We had a super morning dancing C1 with friends and to Bronc.

We went back to the Minnie for lunch. We were at Pharr South to dance A2 an hour and a half later. The afternoon dance was an A2 Dance. We had five squares and an extra couple. We danced every tip. The dance was called by Darryl Lipscomb. Darryl worked on the finish call. When the caller calls finish the call it means you leave off the first part of the call. Darryl did a super job explaining the concept of finish. We had a great afternoon of dancing A2 with friends and to Darryl.

By the time we got home I was tired.

In the evening I went to the J-Five entertainment, which was Helen Russell & Company. Helen Russell & Company is a wife and husband team, who sing Country/Rock 'n' Roll/Gospel. They have audience participation and have special guests appearances. The special guest appearances are Helen putting on a wig and singing a song from a famous performer. The special guests are both men and women. We saw Helen Russell & Company last year and this year they changed up their act a little bit by changing up the songs they sang. One act Elvis, Helen's husband dressed up like a Senorita and Helen sang Come A Little Bit Closer. Another act Helen sang a song and a gentleman from the audience would hold up a sign. One act Marty and Linda from J-Five got up and played the chickens as Elvis conducted them. It was a very entertaining evening.

Helen Russell and Elvis

Audience participation with sign

Helen as Dolly Parton singing Nine to Five

Helen as Cher

Elvis directing Linda and Marty playing the chickens

Helen and Elvis performing Come A Little Bit Closer

Helen as Minnie Pearl

While I went to the entertainment Larry read. When I got home I finished The Solitaire Event: Two Game Tango. It had 20 games, 10 Klondike and 10 Spider. I got stuck on number 5, which was a medium Klondike. It took me over 2 hours to get three sixes played. I still came in 30th in my group of 100 people. Then I finished my 16,000 steps. Now, I'm really tired.