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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Tuesday 3-3 Great Day of Skiing

We had super Tuesday. We were back on the slopes of Ski Santa Fe. 

Hello from Ski Santa Fe

We were skiing by 9:30. I had an outstanding day of skiing. The temperature in Santa Fe was in the low 30's. The temperature at Ski Santa Fe Resort was 26, which was a few degrees warmer than yesterday. By the time we finished skiing it was around 38 degrees.

I think I'm used to my new boots and skies. My boots weren't too tight or too loose so they didn't hurt my calves. Larry said that it looked like I was turning better and I looked comfortable, I have to agree with him because I was turning a lot better. While I was skiing I made bigger turns and didn't have to turn as much as usual. The skies glide very well. I'm enjoying my new ski equipment. 

Larry cut up the door mat and made spacers that he placed under the liners of his boots and he wore an additional pair of socks, he said it made a big difference in being able to get his skis to turn. He's going to wait until we get home and work on them a bit more.

We skied for an hour and a half and then took a break. After our break we skied another hour and then stopped for lunch. After lunch we skied for almost an hour and my legs were tired. I think that there were less people skiing on the slopes today compared to yesterday. We had a great day of skiing.

In the evening we relaxed in front of the television. We watched a Few Good Men and an episode of Law and Order. I did my daily challenges, there was no Solitaire Event today. I did 17,000 steps. 

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