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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Saturday 3-21 New Computer/Tablet

Overcast Day

It was overcast all day and rained early in the morning. The temperature stayed in the 50's and the rain came back around dinnertime. Along with the rain there was thunder.

I started the day out by having breakfast. Then I went back to bed for a couple of hours. When I woke up it was time for lunch. After lunch I spent 17 minutes and 44 minutes playing my Solitaire Event: Two Games Tango Mini, which was 6 games (3 Klondike and 3 Pyramid). I didn't do too good, I came in 73rd in my group. Afterwards I worked on my 2020 annual book. 

While I was doing this Larry did a project. Yesterday, we received another order from Amazon, it was a RCA Cambio Notebook/Tablet. Unlike our other tablets this one runs on Windows 10 instead of Android. It has a 10 inch screen and comes with a detachable keyboard that is held on via magnets. It is a very inexpensive machine and not very powerful but Larry plans to only use it for our security cameras. Our Android tablet has a problem where one or two of the cameras will stop displaying and we have to restart them. When we view these same cameras via a Windows based computer they seem to stay up ans so far they have been stable on this new tablet. The new tablet has a built in stand but Larry had another stand laying around from another tablet project that he decided to use. The new tablet looks great and works excellent. 

RCA Cambio Notebook/Tablet

The tablet on the stand that came with it

The Cambio Tablet setup on our desk

In the afternoon Larry was teasing me about working out on my Wii Fit. I said "Maybe tomorrow." But tomorrow never comes I've been saying this for a long time. Well, I decided to workout on my Wii Fit. Wow, it's been 148 days since I've used it. I worked out for a half hour on the Wii Fit and another half hour with Just Dance. I used three different Just Dance programs. I'll probably be sore in the morning.

My Wii Fit telling me how long it's been since it's seen me

The disc I used for my Wii Fit workout

10 minutes using Just Dance 2019 disc

10 minutes using Just Dance 2018

10 minutes using Just Dance 2016

For dinner we had the rest of our baby back ribs. Then we watched the television. We started to watch a series on Amazon called Close to the Enemy, it's about a British intelligent officer working with a captured German scientist to help the British develop jet aircraft. It takes place in 1946 and is an eight part mini series. We watched two episodes then we watched a couple of episodes of the sixth season of Travels By Narrowboat. Then I finished watching the first season of Jack Irish and started the second season. I did 20,000 steps.

Relaxing in front of the television

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