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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Saturday 3-14 Another Sewing Project

Just having fun

We started the day off just hanging around the house. I worked on doing my daily challenges and the Solitaire Event: Solitaire World Tour of 30 games. 

While I was doing this Larry decided to check our septic system. We have noticed that our septic sprinklers have been running at strange times. Our septic system is inspected three times a year and sometimes the person doing the inspection will make some change to the timer. Yep, it had been changed. Larry set it back the way he prefers. He then started researching digital timers, he is hoping if he changes it to digital the inspector won't know how to reprogram it. On top of that the old manual timers go bad every few years and they now cost about $50, the digital timers are less than $15 and will probably last much longer. Fortunately Larry can change them himself so we don't have to pay for a service call.

Our septic system timer

In the afternoon we received an e-mail from the UPS Store that we had a package waiting for us, we went to the UPS Store to pick it up. This was the first time that Larry has been out of the house in about a week because he hasn't been feeling well. We had an old Casio Exilim1 Compact Digital Camera that is very small, it fits in your pocket. We took it with us on our last ski trip but it stopped working. When we got back home Larry found one used on EBay for $20.00 and bought it. The package at the UPS Store was the camera. The camera looked like new, came with a case, charger, cables and the original box, still had all the original advertising stickers stuck to it. When we got home Larry played with it, it works great.


Camera case

New camera

In the afternoon we watched two episodes of The GizWiz. While watching the GizWiz I worked on sewing Velcro on the inside of one of our uncle Sam hats. I had to sew it on by hand because there was no way my sewing machine could do it. I used black thread because it was too difficult seeing what I was doing with red thread and since it is on the inside nobody will see it.

The ski hat project

Velcro I sewed on the hat

In the evening we watched the first episode of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We have watched this movie multiple times but hadn't in a long time. It was great to watch it again. Afterwards we started watching the third season of Travels on Narrowboat. Then I started watching the fifth and final season of Suspects. We had a good day.         

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