Pictures From Jan-Feb 2020 - It's All About Having Fun!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday 7-30 Day to Recuperate

Recuperating after a busy weekend

We're back at the house after a spectacular DBD dancing weekend. We're exhausted but we had a great time dancing and visiting with friends. We got home a little after noon. We spent the day recuperating. We watched a couple episodes of GizWiz and caught up on the YouTube videos we follow. I watered my flowers.

As I was watering the flowers I got a little depressed, my flowers didn't look good. I have been watching the flowers grow from seed for 56 days and they were looking good before we went on our trip. I think the heat is getting to them considering for the last month they have been fighting the temperatures of high 90's and low 100's. Even if the flowers don't make it it has been fun watching them grow. If I plant flowers next year I'll plant them earlier in the spring.

In the evening we watched a 1999 movie called Wild Wild West starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. After the movie we watched an Amazon Pilot for a series called Oasis based off Michael Faber's 2014 novel. We had a very relaxing evening in front of the television. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  

Friday to Sunday High Energy DBD Weekend

Allemande Hall
Friday 7-28 Opening Dance

For the last three years the Speegleville Round-Up with Brad Caldwell and Scott Bennett has taken place at Allemande Hall near Waco, Texas. Previously the dance was held in Salado and was called the The Stage Coach Round-Up. This was the 30th year of this high energy DBD square dance. 

Friday's opening dance had eleven squares. This was a super turnout for Brad and Scott. People showed up from Houston to Dallas and other surrounding areas. Over the last few years we have danced so many of these types of dances that we knew most of the dancers. After the dance Brad and Scott called an "A" tip that had three squares. The dancing was outstanding, Brad and Scott did a super job of calling. By the end of the dance we were exhausted but we had a great time.

Saturday 7-29 Two Sessions of Workshops and A Dance

The morning workshop had eleven squares. Brad and Scott went over a few plus moves in different positions: Acey Deucey from diamonds, Load the Boat from a tidal wave and other moves people were having trouble with. The squares we were in were great and we had a lot of fun.

There was a two hour break for lunch before starting the afternoon workshop which had nine squares. Brad and Scott went over what we learned in the morning session and went over a couple moves: Coordinate from facing lines and Diamond Circulate that makes a weird looking diamond where the points made a mini wave at one point. Some of the positions we were put in were very difficult to get to but once we were walked through them you understood what was being called. We sat out one tip and I got a chance to take pictures of friends. We had two super workshop sessions.

Scott, me and Brad
Our friends Dalbert and LuAnn having fun dancing to Scott and Brad

Other friends waiting for the next call
Renee and Robert having a great time dancing 

In the evening we had an outstanding dance. The dance had ten squares but most of the time there were nine squares. Most of the people had danced two, two hour workshops plus tonight's dance so some were tired and sat out a dance or two. After the dance Brad and Scott called an "A" tip and there were three squares. We're tired but it's all fun. 

Larry enjoying Lois and John's company during the dance
LuAnn and Dalbert promenading home 

Friends having fun

Having fun dancing to Brad and Scott

Sunday 7/30 Sunday Morning Dance

We spent the weekend in Waco square dancing. We stayed at Robinson Inn and Suites, it's an old Days Inn motel. The nice thing by staying here was we could walk to McDonald's, Subway and Wendy's for lunch and dinner considering they were right next door to the motel. In the morning they had a continental breakfast.

This morning was the last dance at Allemande Hall for The Speegleville Round-Up. We had five squares and a few extra dancers. We had another fun dance with friends and Brad and Scott. This weekend we danced with a lot of good dancers and had a spectacular time.     

Friday, July 28, 2017

Thursday 7-27 Another Day of Boating

Boating on Belton Lake from Roger's Park

The wind was gone at the house this morning so Larry and I got the boat ready to go to the lake. By the time we got to the lake, which was only ten minutes the wind had come up a little. While Larry parked the truck I put up the bimini top and then I picked him up at the boat dock. The lake wasn't flat and we hadn't water skied but twice this years so out came the ski. I think Larry skied in rougher water considering I was pulling him against the wind. When he finished I took my turn. After resting a little Larry and I assembled the Air Chair. We both did a set on the chair. After being at the lake about an hour we called it a day. We had a great time on the water.

Larry Air Chairing

After lunch I cleaned the house and did dishes and a load of clothes. I worked on my puzzle, this puzzle is a lot more complex than Terry Redlin Evening Surprise. Majestic has 2000 pieces, a lot of colors and it didn't come with a poster and the box doesn't show the whole puzzle. But I'm still having fun assembling the puzzle on my down time.

Majestic Puzzle

In the evening Larry and Patricia met up with us at the house to go to Sun City for A dancing with the Sundancers. We had enough people for two squares and an extra man. The evening was run by computer so when Dan was scheduled to dance the lady from the couple that was sitting out would dance with him. The man that was sitting out would run the computer. We had a super time.  

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wednesday 7-26 Walking, Dancing and Having Fun

Smile and be Happy

The wind was blowing hard when we woke up so we decided to go for walk instead of going to the lake. Larry and I drove to Pepper Creek Trail in Temple. We have walked this trail many times and still enjoy it. We haven't had any rain in a long time and pepper creek wasn't flowing so one of the waterfalls wasn't flowing. We walked for about an hour and had a great time. The number of people we see when we walk this trail is amazing. 

Pepper Creek Trail map

Larry has been reading about Pepper Creek trail being expanded. After our walk we drove around to see how far the trail goes. As we were doing this we were a little disappointed that there was no parking areas anywhere. We found the end of the trail, Larry turned on the flashers and walked over to a sign to look at the trail map. We were at the end of the trail but no parking.

Every week when we drive to Allemande Hall we have been watching the corn crops grow. The last couple of weeks the crops looked like they were ready to be harvested. On the way home we saw a farmer harvesting his corn crops. Larry stopped so I could take pictures of it. 

Cutting the corn crop
 By the time we got home it was time for lunch. After lunch I watered my flowers, the Marigolds are growing taller and taller every day but still no flowers. According to our friends and the local paper due to all the heat gardens have stopped producing, they have even cancelled one of the local farmers markets. Maybe I planted my flowers too late for them to bloom but I'm not giving up on them yet.

I worked on my puzzle and played my daily challenges. Larry read a book. I also took a nap. Before the news came on we watched our YouTube videos.

My Marigold flowers

After dinner we met up with Louis at Walmart to go to Allemande Hall to dance with the TIPS Club. We started dancing a little early and we didn't have enough people for a square so we did a two couple square, great fun. After the tip there were enough people for a square and an extra person. When we finished our second tip Wendell showed up so we asked him to run the computer and he was happy to do so. Wendell is one of the TIPS callers, he shows up every Wednesday. He enjoys running the computer and helping the dancers. He says he is learning a lot by doing so. We had a super time dancing with friends.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday 7-25 A Windy Hot Day

Windy Hot Day

We haven't been on the lake as much this summer as normal mainly due to wind. We love being on the lake. Well, this morning we planned to go to the lake but the wind was blowing. When Larry woke up there was very little wind but when I got up an hour and half later the wind had come up.

We decided to go to town and walk Nolan Creek Trail. We usually don't walk the trails in the summer considering it's way too hot. But this morning we decided to take a chance on the heat. We hadn't been to Nolan Creek since February when Flo could still swim and walk a little. It was a very nice day for a walk. We started our walk from Yettie Polk Park to the Confederate Park. Then we turned around and headed back to Yettie Polk Park but when we got there we decided to continue walking to the bridge going towards Mary Hardin-Baylor. We walked for 40 minutes and decided to call it a day. As we were walking we saw some painted rocks along the trail. People are painting small rocks all over the country and placing them in areas to be found, they hope to spread a little kindness to ease stress. 

Nolan Creek

The bridge that goes over Nolan Creek

One of the painted rocks we saw during our walk

When we finished our walk we decided to do our weekly grocery shopping and we went to The UPS Store to pickup our mail and a package that was waiting for us. Larry thought it was going to be the Seeds Program item he ordered but it was a thank you gift from the GizWiz.

Grocery Shopping

For years we have streamed the GizWiz show every week, we really enjoy it so each year we donate some money to the show to help keep it going. The hosts are Chad Johnson (OMGchad) and Dick DeBartolo, a writer for MAD Magazine. They wanted to show their appreciation so Dick sent us a MAD Magazine and a 35 year old Alfred E. Neuman poster and signed both the magazine and poster.

Thank you gift from Dick and Chad

We did one more stop while we were in town which was at Academy. When we were in Abilene we bought a couple of shirts for me and I wanted a couple more so we swung by the Academy in Temple and found one more shirt. Now Larry and I have a few short sleeve shirts that match. After buying the shirt we went home.

When we got home I put the groceries away and made lunch. After lunch I did a couple loads of clothes and dishes. Then I worked on my puzzle and Larry read.

For dinner I barbecued some HEB poppers. After dinner we watched our YouTube videos and streamed our weekly shows. We had a very relaxing day.  


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday 7-24 A Surprise Donation

Just hanging around the house
Today we started the week by going to the lake. At the house the wind wasn't blowing but by the time we were on the lake the wind had came up. We ended up flying the Air Chair and floating. After pulling the boat out of the lake we always wipe it down and then we pull it back to the house and back it into the garage.

While we hung around the house I worked on my puzzle and worked out on my Wii Fit for a half hour. Larry finished reading a book and started another one. Larry decided to check the mail at our mail box and found an envelop with a card in it. The card said that Flo's vet, Dr. Gina Jensen and her staff at Lakewood Veterinary Center had given the Bell County Animal Shelter a donation in memory of Flo. This was a nice surprise.

The surprise donation card

In the evening Larry and I went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers and to Brad Caldwell. There were seven squares and enough people for an A Tip at the end of the dance. We had another outstanding night of dancing.

Square dancing is fun

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday 7-23 Super Sunday

We had a super day
We had an outstanding weekend of "A" dancing to Bill Haynes. This morning there was a C1 dance and since we don't dance C1 we headed towards the house. 

It would normally take about four hours to get home but we wanted to detour to Waco to dance "A" with the TIPS Club at 3:00. We didn't want to get there too early so we hung around the hotel room later than we normally would have, when we left we swung by Academy Sports, Larry had bought some shirts at Academy that I like and I wanted to buy some for myself. There was an Academy just a couple miles from the motel so off to Academy we went. We found a couple shirts for me and one for Larry. As we were leaving our friends Beverley and Gary honked at us. They were also killing time, they were waiting to take the caller to the airport after the C1 dance. 

We knew we were going to be early for the dance at Allemande Hall but they were having a hall meeting so the hall was open. Wendell Moore did the calling this week. We had five couples. We had a nice time dancing with our friends.

We didn't arrive home until about 6:00, we got the car unloaded and made a simple dinner of sandwiches before relaxing in front of the TV. We watched our YouTube videos and our weekly shows on PBS. We had a relaxing evening which was great considering we were tired from our weekend of dancing.    

Saturday 7-22 Weekend of A Dancing

We had an awesome weekend

We had an awesome weekend of "A" dancing in Abilene, there were very few folks that we had not danced with previously and some of our friends from our home clubs were also there. This was our first time dancing to Bill Haynes, he is a great caller and really makes it challenging. He was very personable, he went around and talked to the dancers in between each tip. He was very laid back and cued you through the more complex moves. The dancing was at the Wagon Wheel Square Dancing Hall in Ty, which is right outside of Abilene. It's a beautiful hall with a great atmosphere and a wonderful wood dance floor, it was built for square dancing in 1958.

The welcome sign to The Wagon Wheel
Some of the cool decor in the hall

On Friday there was an opening dance from 7:30 to 9:30 and after the dance they had a half hour of C1. There were five squares. The organizers provided a lot of snacks to munch on through out the dance. The dancers were assigned to a square via computer. We danced every tip. For the C1 tips they had two squares. We stayed and watched the first tip. It was fun to watch.

On Saturday there were two workshops for two hours and a night dance. After the first workshop there was a C1 dance for a half hour. During the workshops Bill worked different moves in different positions, it was very complex but it was fun. We had five squares and a few folks sitting out. The workshops were also organized via computer. The first tip we were out which gave me a chance to take some pictures. In the evening we had six squares with no one sitting out. Bill called some complex moves so at times your square may breakdown but he picks you back up. We had a great time. Before the last tip they severed Blue Bell Ice Cream in the small cups. We stayed after the dance to watch the C1 dance. At the moment we don't plan to learn C1 but it is interesting to watch and try to figure out some of the moves.

Bill Haynes wearing Larry's hat

Friends waiting for the next call

Bill Haynes calling the workshop

We had an awesome weekend dancing to Bill Haynes and our friends. We're tired but we had fun. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!  

Friday 7-21 Weekend Get Away

Gong for a weekend get away

We have been square dancing "A" for almost a year now and have been having a great time. We dance "A" with the TIPS club on Wednesdays and Sundays and with the Sundancers on Thursdays. We have attended a number of weekend events that require us to travel. This weekend there is an A dance event in Abilene which is about 175 miles from the house. The caller for the event is Bill Haynes.

We left the house at 9:00 and arrived at the motel around 1:30. The motel we are staying at is called Signature Inn. It's an old inn and is in the process of getting remodel so there was some construction going on. It has a huge indoor tiled area where a pool use to be and around this area the rooms are located. The rooms are very nice.

Larry went inside to check in but the lady told him it would cost an extra $25.00 for early check in, he told her we would be back at 3:00. This wasn't really a surprise since the reservation confirmation said it would cost $25.00. Larry looked on the internet to see what Abilene had to offer. He found there was an art museum called The Grace Museum so off to the museum we went.

The Grace Museum was an old motel that was built in 1909 by Col. W.L. Beckman. It was located right across the street from the train depot. He named the hotel after his daughter Grace. It started out as a three story brick hotel and in 1920's a fourth floor was added on. The hotel was later sold and the name was changed to The Drake, eventually it ceased operation and fell into disrepair. In the 1980's the Abilene Fine Arts Museum restored and reopened it.

The Grace Museum has three floors of exhibits of historic and contemporary American art. The first floor exhibit changes, today we saw great paintings of rural realism artists. The second floor had the Children Museum where children can do hands on activities. There are classrooms on the floor where children can do art projects. There is a library where children learn about art. There were photography exhibits and art by Ashton Thornhill. The third floor has exhibits about the history of Abilene and how people lived. After walking through the museum we watched a short movie on the history of the motel. We had fun walking through the museum.

The Grace Museum

By the time we finished the video is was time to check in the motel. After Larry checked in we had a couple of hours to relax before going to the opening dance of the weekend.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Thursday 7-20 Fun Day

Just having fun

The day started out with a little wind but it didn't stop us from going to the lake. The lake was a little rough so we waked surfed and floated. Larry had lengthened the wake plate he built and we wanted to see how it worked. We have a cruise control called Perfect Pass and we have it programmed for the speed of each water sport we do and for each of us. This morning I had the cruise set for surfing at 10.5 mph but when I got Larry out the water the cruise control had turned off, I was pulling him about 12 mph when I realized what had happened so I turned the system back on. When he got finished with his first run he asked me to set the speed to 11 mph because it felt good at that speed. He also asked me to shorten the rope so he could see how the plate modification worked with a shorter rope. When he finished his second run it was my turn to surf. I got up but I was out of control, I was all over the place, I didn't have my feet in the right position on the surf board. When I fell and Larry came back to pick me up he said I looked good surfing. I told him I was out of control the whole time. He pulled me up a second time this time my feet were to close to the front so down I went. He pulled me again the third time was a charm, I wake surf a long time and my legs and arms weren't tired. We think the modification worked out super.

Larry wake surfing

When we got home I mowed the front yard, every other week we have a mowing crew come in and mow the entire yard and the week in between is my week to mow the front yard. Before I mowed Larry lowered the mower so it could cut the grass shorter. The mower kept cutting out on me so Larry readjusted the mower up a notch. I had no problems on the other side of the yard. While I was mowing Larry blew off the front porch, the driveway and the garage. By the time we finished doing our yard work we were hot so we went inside to cool off and have lunch.

After lunch I did laundry, vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathrooms and mopped the floors. Then I worked a little on my puzzle and did my daily challenges. Larry read his book.

Doing chores

For dinner I made salads and I had a half of a jalapeno and cheese salmon pattie. Larry and Patrica showed up at 5:15 and we all went to Sun City to dance "A" with the Sundancers. We had exactly enough for two squares. The tapes were very challenging and we had a ball dancing. We had a fun day even though it was busy.  

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wednesday 7-19 Halfway Through the Summer

Well, we're halfway through the summer and only had three official 100 degree days. 

I woke up early this morning considering Larry had a follow up appointment with his oral surgeon at 8:30. It went very well and hopefully we're finished going to see a dentist for awhile. After seeing the dentist we went grocery shopping for the week at Walmart. We didn't need much and Walmart was on the way home.

When we got home I put the groceries away and then worked on my puzzle. Larry did a little reading. After lunch I took a hour nap and then worked out for an hour with Gold's Gym and Just Dance. After working out I worked on my annual book and Larry read.

Having fun working out

For dinner I barbecued a hamburger for Larry and a Fiesta Jalepeno salmon pattie for me. Then we got ready to meet up with Louis to go to Allemande Hall for A dancing with the TIPS Club. We had seven couples so we switched out. We stayed after because the group decided to put a coat of oil on the floor to protect it. We had another fun night with our friends. 

Square dancing with friends 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday 7-18 Special Visitors

Did you have a good day?

I woke up with a headache and my stomach was a little upset. I took a couple of aspirins and antacids and went back to bed. I finally decided to crawl out of bed around 8:30 Larry was busy working on another project in his workroom. I went in his workroom to see what was going on. Yesterday, when we were playing with his new plate for wake surfing he decided he wanted to experiment with a bit larger plate so he was working on modifying his current plate. I told him I would leave him in peace and go eat some breakfast. 

After I finished eating breakfast Larry asked if I wanted to go to the lake, I told him that my allergies were still bothering me. It was a very nice morning for the lake, the wind was very lite. We stayed at home.

After lunch I still wasn't feeling well so I laid down for an hour. While I was laying down Larry read. When I got up I worked out for an hour using my Wii fit for a half hour and Just Dance for a half hour. Then I worked on my book until it was time for dinner.

In the evening we watched our YouTube videos and finished watching the first season of Night Manager. The series was very good. Before watching Night Manager we had special visitors. A doe and her two fawns decided to visit us. They were at the side of house so we went to the master bathroom and watched through the window. The doe saw us and kept watching us while her babies ate. She was watching us for a few minutes when we decided to let her eat in peace. After we left the window the deer decided to walk along the side of house to the backyard. We watched them grazing in the yard. They were grazing around the planter where I planted my flowers. One of the fawns decided that it wanted to check out the flowers and we tapped on the window to get their attention. They looked up and watched us. Then they figured we weren't a threat so one of the fawns and the doe decided to eat my flowers, Larry opened the back door and the deer ran towards the trees. They stopped at the tree line and waited to see if we were going to come out but we didn't. Then they continued their walk into the trees. We had a very nice day.

Mama keeping an eye on us during her visit

The two fawns that visited us


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Monday 7-17 Marvelous Monday

We had a marvelous Monday. 

We started the day out by going to the lake. I woke up an hour earlier than I normally do so we were at the lake before 9:00. On the way we saw some deer grazing in Morgan's Point Resort. We hadn't seen any deer on the way to the lake in a long time. When we got to the lake the water was so smooth that you could go anywhere and do whatever you wanted. We started out by water skiing, this was only the second time we skied this year. Larry and I both skied very well. The next thing we did was wake board. The last time we wake boarded it was so rough I didn't do anything and gave up. But today the water was outstanding, I jumped the wakes a little and did some 360 degree turns. I had a great run. When I finished I told Larry that I was done for the day, my arms were tried. After resting a few minutes Larry got out the surf board. He put the plate on the side of the boat and I shortened the rope a little more. Then Larry started his run and had a super run. I let him down and he asked me to lengthen the rope to where we use to have it before we had the plate, he wanted to see the difference. He decided he likes the shorter rope. When he got out I did a run, I know I said I was done but wake surfing isn't hard on your arms like water skiing and wake boarding. Larry told me to get on the edge of the wake and ride it like I was surfing. I did and it was a lot easier on your legs and arms so it made it more fun. When I finished my run I took the plate off and handed it to Larry. Then I decided that I would try to put it on the boat just to see how to do it. It's very hard to put it on the boat when you're in water considering you have to push on the suction cups and push the levers down, when you do this you push yourself away from the boat so you have to hold on to the platform to prevent this from happening. The last thing we did was float a little. After about an hour and a half we called it a day. We had an outstanding morning at the lake.

Look how smooth the lake was

Water skiing 

Wake boarding

Larry wake surfing

Larry had a dentist appointment to get his crown put on his tooth at 1:30. The dentist apologized to Larry for cutting his tongue the last visit. This visit they didn't have to numb him up, the assistant peeled off the temporary crown and the dentist put the permanent crown on the tooth. Larry said it feels great. On the way home we swung by Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of things.

In the evening we went to Sun City to square dance with the Sundancers. There were six squares. Our friends from Killeen brought dessert to celebrate a couple of dancers birthdays, Rick and Vernon. They had a couple of peanut butter bars, strawberry tarts, cake and sugar cookies. They were all delicious. We had five couples for A so Brad called an A tip after the dance. We had another super evening.          

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sunday 7-16 Fun Times

Just having fun

We started the day off by watching Sunday Morning on CBS. Then I worked on my puzzle and on my book. While I was doing this Larry read. 

In the afternoon Larry and I went to Allemande Hall to do some A dancing with the TIPS Club to Dale calling. We had enough people for a square and one extra lady so the ladies switched out. While we were dancing a small shower came though which kept the temperature down to the low 90's but the humidity was really high. We had fun dancing with our friends and to Dale.

Let's go square dancing

In the evening we watched three episodes of Night Manager and I watched an episode of Father Brown. I worked on my daily challenges. We had a relaxing evening. 

Watching television