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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Tuesday 3-10 Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

We woke up to fog. It hung around until mid morning but the clouds stayed in all day.

Larry still wasn't feeling well so we hung around the house. I worked on my annual book and jigsaw puzzle. Larry finished a book and started another one.  I did my daily challenges and the Solitaire Free Cell Adventure of 20 games. By the time I went to bed I was 22nd in my group of 100 players.

In the evening we watch a movie called Find Me. The movie was about a young lady named Amelia, who works with an accountant named Joe. She takes him on adventure to find her. She leaves him clues that take him through National Parks throughout the west. It was a good movie. Then we watched a couple of episodes of Traveling on a Narrowboat. Then I finished watching the fifth season of Scott & Bailey. Then I started watching another detective series called Suspects. While watching television I did 18,000 steps. We had a laid back day.

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