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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Friday 3-6 First Mowing of 2020

Another gorgeous day

Our local weatherman had predicted that it was going to be in the 30s last night but it only got down to the high 40s. However, the wind had come up out of the north so it was a little nippy.

Yesterday Larry ordered fertilizer and weed killer from Walmart, last night they wrote us an e-mail saying it was ready. We like a couple of Campbell's soup and the Walmart on Adams is the only store that carries them so while we were in Walmart we picked up some soup along with a few other things. Afterwards we went to Harbor Freight to pick up a spark plug socket so Larry could change the spark plugs in the car. 

Then we went to the storage center to take the Minnie out for a spin. When we're not using the Minnie and it's sitting in storage Larry tries to take it for ride once a month. When we got to the storage center the gate was locked because a rancher had his sheep grazing in the area. We stopped at the gate and he unlocked the gate to let us in. He told Larry that the sheep dog wouldn't hurt us unless we approached the herd. He would nip at us to warn us to back up. We took the Minnie for a ride and then returned it to storage.

By the time we got home it was time for lunch. After lunch Larry decided to go outside and mow the yards. While he was doing this I weedeated around the edges and trees. I saw a couple of fire ant hills so I treated them. It took me about a half hour to do my part of the project and it took Larry an hour and a half to mow both yards. After Larry finished mowing he fertilized the yards and treated for weeds in the gravel. He was going to do the yards because we have a lot of weeds but the directions said you should wait until the grass starts to grow again.

Larry mowing the backyard

What the fertilizer looks like

Larry spreading the fertilizer

The fertilizer

While Larry was fertilizing I worked on my daily challenges and The Solitaire World Tour Event, which was 30 games of Solitaire.   

In the evening we went to the Killeen Kickers dance which was called Blue Dance. The club requested people to dress in blue because it was National Dress in Blue Holiday. They had a special caller, who was Dale Smith. We had three squares of dancers and a few people sitting out. Dale did a great job of calling. We had a lot of fun.

Line dancing with Christina, Dale and other friends

Larry having fun dancing with friends

Dale Smith calling the dance

Friends having fun dancing to Dale

Our friends left to right Sue, Sandra and her daughter

Our friend Sherry

The two ladies in charge of collecting the entrance fee

Our friends Becky

When we got home we watched an episode of Narrowboat second season. Then I watched the final episode of Bones. After that I started watching the sixth season of The Brokenwood Mysteries, which is a detective series. I did 18,000 steps today. We had a super day.      

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