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Monday, March 23, 2020

Sunday 3-22 Drizzle and Overcast Day

Keep dry

What a nasty day. When Larry got up it was raining and it continued to drizzle on and off all day. We had cloud covering and the humidity was 90%. The temperature got into the low 60's. At 9:00 pm the fog rolled in.

In the morning I spent an hour and 48 minutes playing the Solitaire Event: World Tour of 30 games, it was a mixture of Klondike, Free Cell, Tri Peaks and Pyramid. I ended up coming in 20th. I also did my Daily Challenges. While I was doing this Larry read.

We spent the afternoon watching the GizWiz and some YouTube videos of people who live full time in RV's and how the coronavirus is affecting their way of life. I worked on my annual book. I worked out for an hour using my Gold's Gym program and Just Dance.

Gold's Gym program I worked out with for 30 minutes
The menu of choices

The six songs I worked out with on Just Dance 2015

In the evening we watched three episodes of Close To The Enemy. Then we watched an episode of Travels By Narrowboat. I finished watching the second season of Jack Irish. I did 20,000 steps.

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