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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Saturday 3-7 Smoking Meat

Overcast Day

We had an overcast day with some wind.

I didn't do too much. I worked on my jigsaw puzzle but didn't get too far. I went back to bed after breakfast for another hour. 

While I slept Larry did a couple of projects. First he changed the spark plugs in the car. The car has 99,000 miles on it and according to the owners manual they should be changed at 97500. He has changed spark plugs on a lot of vehicles but in this car they were buried in a place where you couldn't seen them. He watched a YouTube video that showed how to get to them. He said it didn't take long. While he had things apart he went ahead and cleaned the throttle body, he has done this before and while it was not technically due it was easy to do since everything was apart. 

He also worked on his ski boots. He is trying to take out some of the flex by making a rubber spacer to fit into the flex slot. He first made a pattern for the slot. Then he cut a piece of rubber pad to fit. Then he drilled a couple of  small holes to screw the pads onto the boots. He wanted to screw the pads on because it would be easy to remove if it didn't work or if he had to replace it. By the time he finished the project it looked like the boots were made this way. He removed most of the flex and now he hopes he won't have to lean as far forward when we go on our next ski trip.

In the afternoon we watched YouTube videos. While watching the videos Larry smoked a pork roast. It was finished in 3.5 hours and tasted delicious.

The finished product

Smoking a pork roast on our gas grill

In the evening we finished watching Bramwell. Then we finished watching the second season of The Narrowboat. Then I finished watching sixth season of The Brokenwood Mysteries. I did 18,000 steps. I did my daily challenges, I didn't have an event challenge today. We had a great day.  

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