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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Wednesday 3-25 Goegeous & Busy Spring Day

Gorgeous spring day at home

Spring started four days ago. The last two days have been gorgeous with plenty of sunshine. The temperature has been in the mid to high 80's.

I was going to mow today but the yards were too wet in the morning. In the afternoon it was 87 degrees. So I passed on it. 

Instead of mowing we went to the storage center to get the Minnie, Larry wants to do a couple of projects. First up was to dump the tanks and change the oil.  I helped him when needed.

Doing Minnie Projects
Dumping the tanks

Removing oil filter

Draining old oil
Putting fresh oil in

For many years our vinyl flooring in the kitchen has been coming up but we have been putting off replacing it, during the best times of the year to work on it we were using it and we were concerned of what we would find. This month the Seeds Program had some snap together vinyl floor planks that we decided to use in the Minnie. Now Larry can review the flooring for the Seeds Program at the same time replace the kitchen flooring. After changing the oil Larry peeled back the vinyl flooring and was pleasantly surprised to find that the plywood under the flooring had no damage. Yesterday, Larry had put some items in his cart on Amazon that he thought he would need to repair the plywood, he was glad he hadn't ordered the items.

We received an e-mail from Walmart about 1:30 that said they substituted some of our grocery items with other similar items and that other items were out of stock. When the order was complete we received another e-mail to come and pickup our order. While we were waiting for our order to be delivered to the car Larry went inside to see what he could find to replace the items that were out of stock, he hit the jack pot, he found other substitutes for the items and found items that had shown to not be available at all. On the website there was absolutely no meat of any kind available but in the store they actually had a bit of everything. He picked up a pound of hamburger and a pork loin. Bread is still a problem, none online nor in the store, however he did find a loaf of sliced french bread in the bakery area. The gentleman, who delivered our groceries to the car was very friendly and helpful. Walmart did an excellent job of filling our order.

The downside of going into the store was that we have been working very hard to avoid being near other people. Due to this Larry went in alone, he said there were very few people in the store and he went out of his way to avoid getting close to anyone. He only picked up a few items and was in and out very quickly. He said checking out was a bit less efficient since I was not there to help. At Walmart we almost always use the self checkout, he scans and I bag.

Grocery shopping
In the evening we watched Support Your Local Sheriff. It was an old movie and I enjoyed watching it again. Then we watched a couple of episodes of Travels By Narrowboat. Last night I started to watch a British detective series called Vexed. It's a very laid back movie with humor. Tonight I finished the first season and started watching the second season. I did my daily challenges and The Event: Tri Peaks Mini of five games. I came in 42nd in my group and it took me 8 minutes and 5 seconds. I did 20,000 steps. We had a wonderful day.

Relaxing in front of the television


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