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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tuesday 3-17 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For all my Irish readers, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

We had another overcast day. It got to the high 70's but because of the cloud coverage it was comfortable. 

I spent the morning and afternoon reading. Larry did some reading on the internet. He's still trying to find a backup program. 

We were planning to do our weekly grocery shopping at HEB and because of the coronavirus we decided to use its Curbside service. After putting everything into the online shopping cart Larry went to check out and discovered the first available date was over a week away. He went on the Walmart website to see how long it would take to do their pick up service, it said we could pick up the groceries tomorrow afternoon. We like some HEB brands of food but we had to substitute some of our items with the brands that Walmart carries. Walmart has limited the quantities on almost every item to a maximum of two. We like biscuits and we were limited to two containers. Tomorrow we will go and pick up our groceries.

Grocery shopping online

The lots on both sides of us are owned by a gentleman named George. He had a couple of loads of dirt dumped on each set yesterday. Today he had a crew come out and spread the dirt and the crew also cleared off the back of the lots on the south of us. He does this occasionally because it makes them look better and he has them for sale.

It's suppose to rain tomorrow and Thursday and our yards needed to be mowed. Larry has been fighting allergies for the last week so I decided to mow the yards. While I mowed Larry put a face mask on and weedeated around the frontyard. He also blew out the garage and blew off the front porch and driveway. It took me an hour to mow. I still need to mow the far back of the backyard. 

Mowing the frontyard

Mowing the side of house
In the evening we watched the fourth episode of Star Wars called A New Hope, it was the very first Star Wars made in 1977. Then we watched an episode of Travels by Narrowboat. I finished watching Murdock Mysteries. I also did my daily challenges and The Solitaire Event: World Tour Mini of 8 games. I did 18,000 steps.

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