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Monday, October 31, 2016

10-30 Puzzle Do Over

Neuschwanstein Castle
The middle of last month I finished assembling a jig saw puzzle called Paradise. When I put a puzzle together I separate similar colored pieces into different boxes. Well, when I was working on my last puzzle I decided to use the box from Neuschwanstein Castle for this. When I was removing the bag from the box with the pieces of the puzzle in it the bag flew open and the pieces went all over the place. I picked up the pieces and put them back in the bag. So after finishing up the last puzzle I decided I should reassemble Neuschwanstein Castle just to make sure all the pieces are there. I haven't concentrated on assembling it because of all the weekend square dancing trips and I guess I simply didn't feel like working on it. Today I was feeling better so I worked on it most of the afternoon and before going to bed. While I was working on the puzzle Larry reloaded Windows 10 on one of our computers that's seven years old, it has been working great and then a couple of weeks ago Microsoft applied one of their updates and it has not worked well since, while he was working on the computer he also wrote a review for The Seeds Program on a WiFi Extender made by TP-Link. We also watched a little football which we haven't done in years. In the evening we watched YouTube videos and a couple movies on Amazon. One movie was A Brilliant Young Mind, it was a movie on a gifted teenager in math. How he learns to cope with new friendships and self confidence when he gets a spot on the British squad of an International Mathematical Olympiad. It was very well made.The other movie was Breaking the Sound Barrier, which was a documentary about the people who tried to break the sound barrier and what they learned when people failed. It was very informative and very well done. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

Watching television

Sunday, October 30, 2016

10-29 Getting Better

Sunny Day
I woke up feeling a little better but I didn't get out of bed until 8:30. I had some breakfast and went back to bed. While I was sleeping Larry wrote a couple of reviews for The Seeds Program. One was on the Defiant Motion Solar Security Light and the other was the Genesis Impact Driver. Once he wrote the reviews he submitted them. Both products work really well. By 2:00 I was feeling a lot better so I vacuumed the house. For dinner I baked some chicken and made an HEB Thailand Red Curry, this was something new, it was spicy and very good. After dinner I did a little workout for fifteen minutes. Larry received an e-mail from Google Play saying if we rented a movie from them we could rent it half price. Early this week we had bought a couple X-Men movies at Target and we watched both of them. Google Play had X-Men Apocalypse which is the newest one and we have not seen it so we rented it. They introduced a few characters that were in the first three movies. It was very good. We had another relaxing day.

The Defiant Motion Solar Security Light
The Genesis Impact Driver


Saturday, October 29, 2016

10-28 Under the Weather

I'm sick
I was in bed most of the day. Last night when I went to bed I was all stuffed up and couldn't breathe so I used some nasal spray, this cleared me up enough that I could sleep. I woke up with chills and aching and told Larry that I wasn't getting up. I stayed in bed until noon and then I got up to eat something, then I went back to bed. While I was in bed Larry took care of Flo and himself. Larry had a doctor's appointment at 1:45, he's not sick he just wanted to get a physical. While there they gave him a flu shot. On the way home he swung by Walmart to pick me up some juice and he picked up a chicken for dinner. When it was time for dinner I got up and cut up the chicken. I didn't have to do this, Larry would have but I was feeling a little better. While I was sleeping Larry watched TWITT, it is a tech show that we use to watch all the time but it has probably been over a year since we last saw it. In the evening we watched YouTube videos on RV living, then we watched the DVD X-Men Days of Future Past. We liked this one a lot better than X-Men Origins Wolverine. It was more like the other X-Men movies. After the movie I went back to bed.     

Friday, October 28, 2016

10-27 Dancing with the Sundancers

Dancing with the Sundancers
This morning when Larry was getting dressed Flo barked so I got out of bed to see why. It was a little after 7:00 which is early for me considering I usually don't get up until 8:00 or later. I fed her breakfast, while she was eating Larry showed up. I told him that I was going back to bed but I ended up getting dressed and making breakfast and then I went back to bed. When I got up Larry asked if I wanted to go to the gym, I told him not today, instead we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping. It was still cool so we took Flo with us. When we finished shopping we went to The UPS Store to get our mail.

Once I put all the groceries away we had lunch. We hung around the house all afternoon. Belinda called and asked if she could ride with us to Sun City to square dance with the Sundancers so I had to vacuum out the car. We met up with her at Walmart in Belton around 5:00. Last week we finished our A lessons with the Sundancers so we did not need to be there until 6:00, it takes about an hour to get to Sun City. The dance is every Thursday for an hour and a half, if they have enough people for a C tip they will dance another 30 minutes. There were enough people for two squares plus an extra couple. The dancing is run off prerecorded tapes and the computer will tell you which square you'll be dancing in. We danced every tip but one, during that tip Larry ran the recording. We had a super time. We were back at the house by 8:30 and Flo was very excited to see us. After saying hi to her I made pancakes for dinner. For the rest of the evening we watched YouTube videos. When Larry went to bed I worked on my book and played the daily solitaire challenges on the computer. We had another great day.  

Thursday, October 27, 2016

10-26 All Better

What a great day
I woke up earlier than normal and I was feeling better. Larry wanted to get the tires on the Minnie rotated so Monday he called Discount Tires and made an appointment for this morning at 8:45, now you know why I got up a bit earlier than normal. After breakfast Larry and I loaded into the Minnie and headed to Discount Tire, we arrived a little early and they got us right in. Larry usually watches the workers to insure everything gets done correctly but today he read the paper. We have dual tires in the back and they rotate the inner tires side to side because they have really long valve stems. Back at the house Larry finished getting the Minnie ready to go back to storage. He took the hub cabs off the back tires to put extensions back on the outside dual wheel valve stems and found that the employees had taken the inside dual tire and put it on the outside, now the valve stems are in the wrong place and you can't air up the tire so back to Discount Tires we went. Larry told them what had happened and they were surprised, they took us in as soon as the employee was available that had worked on it earlier. They apologized for the inconvenience. It was a gorgeous day so we sat outside while they worked on the Minnie. When they finished homeward bound we went once more. By the time we got back home it was time for lunch. 

After lunch we loaded Flo into the car and took the Minnie to storage. On the way home from the storage we swung by Target. Target had Campbell's Chunky soup on sale for a $1.00, usually they are almost two dollars. So we stocked up on our favorite soups. Campbell's Chunky Chili was also on sale so we bought a few cans, we don't use a lot of chili but winter is coming and it will be good on cold days. We had not been in Target for a long while so we walked around a bit. We went to the electronic department and picked up a couple of DVD's that we didn't have, X-Men Origins Wolverine and X-Men Days Of Future Past. After doing a little shopping we went home.

In the afternoon I worked out for 45 minutes, 15 minutes on my Wii Fit program and 30 minutes on Just Dance program. For dinner I barbecued Italian sausage patties. During the evening we watched X-Men Origins Wolverine. We didn't think it was as good as the first three. They had changed the story behind how Wolverine was made. After the movie we streamed our weekly GizWiz Show, which is a tech show on different gadgets. Then I worked on my book and played computer games before bed.           

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10-25 Not Feeling Well

I wasn't feeling well today
This morning I woke up with an itchy throat and a headache so I decided not to go to the gym. I made breakfast and then I went back to bed. While I was sleeping Larry took care of Flo and caught up on his newspaper reading, I think it was three papers. I woke up a couple hours later and was feeling a lot better. After lunch I went outside and got the Minnie ready to go back to storage. I vacuumed it out and washed the floors. While I was cleaning the Minnie Flo got bored so she decided she would go for a walk. She was walking towards the boat ramp. I caught up with her when she was a couple doors down the road. She was happy I did. She didn't fight me she let me put the leash on her and we walked back. By the time we got back to the house she was done for the day.

Cleaning the Minnie
We were hanging around the house and Larry decided to do a home project. Last week he received a Defiant Motion Security LED Light from The Seeds Program so he decided to install it. He thought if he installed the the light on the back of the house where the yard has been getting rutted up maybe the light will scare the critters away. The Defiant Motion Security Light works off of solar or battery. The first thing Larry did for the project was decide where he was going to put it. He didn't want to drill holes in the brick pillars so he decided to hang the light from the Hardie board on the eaves. He didn't have to drill any holes in the Hardie because it already has holes. Instead he had to make the holes bigger on the light bracket. Then he looked for screws that were big enough to fit the holes, he was in luck, he had some. Then he screwed the bracket into the Hardie board and then hung the light. The next step was to install the solar panel. He decided to install it on the gutter but he didn't know how he was going to do this. Weeks ago we bought a couple of different covers for the gutters to help keep leaves out, his plan was to test them out and figure out which one worked the best before we purchased a bunch of them. Today Larry tried them both and decided to use the gray cover that snaps in the gutter. He didn't choose the silver one because it didn't fit flat and the clips were too hard to use. Once he put the cover on the gutter he installed the solar panel on the cover, it looks great. Maybe this light will help protect our yard from the critters.

The gutter covers we bought at The Home Depot
The Defiant Motion Security LED Light
Installing the bracket for the light
Installing the solar panel in the gutter
The finished product
After doing this home project I worked out for an hour on Just Dance and Gold's Gym. When I finished my workout I made dinner. In the evening we watched YouTube videos and streamed five episodes of Hardly Sound on the PBS Channel. The episodes we watched were Jad Fair, RTB2, YUM, Ralph White and Emcee Eats. The episodes were interesting about the musicians lives.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10-24 Doing This and That

We had a good day
After a spectacular weekend of dancing we started the week out by doing a few errands. We were getting ready to go to town and Flo was pestering us about going with us, it wasn't hot and it was a cloudy day so we gave in to her, I loaded her into the car and off to town we went. First of all I had not been to the gym since last Monday so Larry took me to the gym. I worked out for a little over an hour. I did the treadmill for 35 minutes and the 30 minute circuit area. By the time I finished I was tired and sweaty. The next stop was the tax assessor to pay for the boat trailer tags. The parking lot looked busy. Larry went inside and I stayed in the car with Flo, while he was inside a gentleman asked the clerk why the Temple office was closed and what happened to the employees. She said it was being remodeled and the employees were now at the Belton location. Even though the parking lot was busy Larry was only gone about five minutes. The next stop was the tax appraisal district office to pay our property taxes. Once again it only took Larry five minutes. When we lived in Austin we would never dream of going to a government office to pay for anything, the drive would be over an hour and the lines would be terrible, we're so glad to be in a small town, everything is close, the people are friendly and there isn't a long wait. The next stop was at Belton Feed to pickup another bag of dog food for Flo. She was getting low on food and we were in the neighborhood. The last stop was at The UPS Store to get our mail. Larry knew there was a package waiting but he was surprised there was another one there. He had ordered more binding straps and didn't expect them for awhile  considering he ordered them from E-Bay and not Amazon. After getting our mail we went home. 

Working out at the gym
Doing Errands
When we got home it was time for lunch. I heated up the leftover Red Beans and Rice casserole I had made for our weekend. We relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Larry did one small project, which was replacing the straps on the binding he hadn't replaced yet. Now both bindings look the same. In the evening we met up with Belinda and went to Allemande Hall for A2 lessons. When we got home I worked on my book and played computer games until it was time to go to bed. We had a great day of doing this and that.

Monday, October 24, 2016

10-23 I Make a Decision

Let me see, what should we do? 
Larry woke up a little before 7 and took care of Flo. While Larry was taking Flo for a walk around the RV area I crawled out of bed and was getting dressed when they returned. For breakfast we had sausage patties and Sister Schubert's dinner rolls. Today's dancing was from 10 until 12. While we were eating breakfast Larry asked me if I wanted to wait and go dancing or if I would prefer to go gambling. Oh, now I have to make a decision! I hate making decisions but I do love to gamble, I chose gambling. I chose to use the excuse  that we danced a lot this weekend and our feet really needed a break. There was a Choctaw Casino in Grant, Oklahoma which was only 25 miles from Paris. After breakfast we got the Minnie ready to leave. Once we parked the Minnie Larry and I walked over to the casino, it was very nice, not huge but unfortunately it didn't have a non smoking area, since it was early on a Sunday it was not busy and smoke was not a problem. We walked around so I could get familiar with how the casino was set up, I found the penny slots that I was happy with. Larry doesn't normally gamble so he went back to the Minnie. We had decided that I would gamble until 10 or so, plenty of time to enjoy myself. Larry showed back up when I was almost finished. By the time we left the casino I have given them $5.00 dollars, pretty good for a hour and a half of entertainment. I had a great time. 

Homeward Bound
On the way home we stopped in a parking lot and had a sandwich for lunch. We got back to the house at 4:15. It was a long drive home but we had a fabulous time in Paris. When we finished unloading the Minnie I made dinner from some leftover pork ribs. In the evening we watched some YouTube videos and the second episode of The Durrells on PBS. Afterwards we streamed a few episodes of Hardy Sound Music Stories. They were about musicians in the Austin area (The Villettes, Jazz Mills and Wiretree). We also started a couple more but we didn't like them. I watched Doctor Blake Mysteries on KLRU. I also played computer games.          

Sunday, October 23, 2016

10-22 Saturday A2 Dancing

Camping at the Red River Fair grounds RV Park
Wow, what a day!!! In the morning there was two and a half hours of dancing. The first tip was called by Bronc Wise, he introduced us to a couple C1 moves. It was a lot of fun but currently we don't need to move up to Challenge level of square dancing. The next two tips were workshops with Tim and Vic doing the calling, they went over A2 moves from positions that dancers don't usually dance in. We always enjoy workshops considering you have to listen real closely to what is being called and they make you think. The last tip was called by Ross and it was a dance tip but we were tired so we went back to the Minnie to rest. When we got to the Minnie I made salads for lunch. After lunch I took Flo out but she didn't feel like going too far, she did her thing and then laid down. I put her on the chain and then went inside. She likes to stay outside but she doesn't like being alone so she barked to come in shortly afterwards.

The building that the A2 and C1 dances were in
The building where the C3A dances were

The building where the C2 dances were
In the afternoon they had another two and a half hour dance session, this session was all dancing. We danced to Darryl and Bronc. The tips were a little more challenging so it was fun but we broke down more often. The morning session had four squares and a few more dancers, the afternoon started out with four squares but people were getting tired and hot so most of the time there were three squares.

Pam and Bruce dancing with friends while Vic calls
Vic Ceder calling 

Betsy, John and Diane dancing to Vic's calling
Bronc Wise getting ready to call his tip
At 7:30 we went back to the A2 hall and danced, there were five squares. The dancing was for three hours and then they were having a get together afterwards. We danced to Ross, Darryl, Bronc, Tim and Vic. We had a great day of dancing. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

10-21 Friday in Paris Texas

Paris Texas

Friday October 21, 2016

We started out the day by finishing up getting ready to go to Paris, Texas. The Texas Premier *Advance* and Challenge Convention (TEXPACC) begins tonight. We left the house at 9:00, stopped along the way at Carl's Junior for lunch and arrived in Paris at 2:45. This event is being held at the Red River Valley Fair Grounds, they have full hookups onsite for $25.00 per night. The RV sites are located across the street from the halls. After plugging the Minnie into power I took Flo for a walk. While we were relaxing our friends (Marty and Glenn) came by and told us the registration desk was open, the e-mail that Larry received said it didn’t start until 4:00 and it was only 3:15. We walked over to the hall and got our packet of information. The lady handing out the packets told us she put 80 packets together for pre-reigisterd couples. The packet supplied us with the schedule for the weekend and a list of names who had pre-registered. The convention started at 7:30 with a 20 minutes tip and then we broke out into different rooms depending on the level of square dancing. The opening tip had 11 squares and there were five callers (Bronc Wise, Tim Ploch, Darryl Lipscomb, Vic Cedar and Ross Howell). After the opening tip we walked over to the A2 hall. The first couple of tips had five squares but the rest of tips had four squares. They almost had five squares but they we shy one person. We danced in the A2 hall until 10:00. There was another hour left of dancing but we wanted to walk around to the other three halls and see what was going on. When we got back to Flo she was very excited to see us. After saying hi and changing clothes I took her for a walk. She didn’t want to come inside. I started out sitting with her outside but it was too cold for me. I put her on a chain and then went inside. It  didn’t take too long before she wanted to come inside. Larry and I did really well considering it’s the first time we ever danced A2 at a big event. Betsy was at the dance, we haven’t seen her since she got married and moved to Georgia. It was a pleasant surprise. Larry and I had a great time dancing.

Betsy during the dance
Our friends Pam, Billy and Bruce dancing with friends

Tim Ploch calling the A tip Larry and I sat out to

Friday, October 21, 2016

10-20 Getting Ready forParis

We're Excited
We're so excited, this weekend we are going to be in Paris, Texas. They're having a big square dancing event with four rooms of 4 levels full time (A2, C1, C2 and C3A). The sessions are all computer controlled. There will be five callers (Bronc Wise, Tim Ploch, Darryl Lipscomb, Vic Ceder and Ross Howell).

Once again I didn't go to the gym considering I had a lot to do around the house to get ready for this event. I spent the morning loading up the Minnie with clothing and food. After lunch I did some housework. Then at 3:45 we went to Sun City for our last class session with the Sundancers. Last month we weren't sure if we would be able to go to Paris considering we were still learning all the A2 moves. Larry asked Marty (the gentleman that was in charge of the Thursday lessons) if we would be finished in time. Marty and the other A dancers have been working hard to make sure we were introduced to all the moves. Last week Marty finished up the A2 moves. Today we worked on moves that might be called at the A2 dances and they're not on the list to teach. Now we're ready to go to Paris and get some practice on the moves.

Power Strip installed on Larry's workbench
Grinding the old rivets off the water ski binding
Assembling the new strap
What the bindings look like now
In the afternoon when I was doing housework Larry was working in his workroom. A couple of days ago we swung by the UPS Store to pickup our mail and a there was a package from the Home Depot Seeds program, it was a 6' Legrand Power Strip that Larry had requested. He installed the strip today and now he needs to do a review on it. The last time we water skied this year when we tightened the straps on our bindings, a couple of the straps broke, we have a backup set of bindings so we swapped them out and continued to ski. Larry ordered new straps for them, the straps have been here for a bit so even though we won't need them until next summer he decided today was a good time fix the bindings. He had purchased four straps so he replaced all three straps on one binding and the broken one in the other. The bindings were originally from a pair of inline skates, back in the late 90's Larry removed the wheels and converted them to water-ski bindings. The straps are riveted on so he had to grind the rivets off with his Dremel tool. He had to be careful that he didn't melt the binding considering it's plastic. Once the rivets were ground off he removed the old straps and replaced them with a new one. The bindings came out prefect so when he finished the project he decided to order some more straps. 

New red, white and blue hats for square dancing
As we were leaving for Sun City I fed Flo her dinner. On the way home we stopped and had dinner at Taco Bell. Then we went to Walmart to pickup a couple things I forgot when we went shopping the other day. When we got home Flo was one happy dog. While I was saying hi to her Larry went to the front porch and got the package that was at the front door. It was a couple of red, white and blue hats he had ordered. The hats were a bit crushed so I ironed them to remove the creases, they look better. Now we are ready to go to Paris. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!       

Thursday, October 20, 2016

10-19 Last Day of Boating Season

Last Day for the Season
Larry has been wanting to winterize the boat for a couple of weeks but the wind has been blowing or we just put it off, well, this morning Larry decided it was time to get this done. Last week Larry added fuel stabilizer and we needed to take the boat for a spin to mix the additive in the fuel and get it into the engine so today we took the boat to the lake, we weren't there long. We drove around for about 20 minutes. There were a few boats on the lake and the wind was blowing. Today I didn't have any problem putting the boat on the trailer. Once we pulled the boat up the ramp we wiped it down. When we got back to the house Larry winterized it. It didn't take him long. He drained the water out of the engine by pulling the plugs, opening the valves on the manifolds and took the hoses off. Now the boat is put to bed for the winter and the motor won't freeze. We keep the boat stored in the garage and it doesn't freeze often here in Central Texas but Larry doesn't want to take a chance. 

One of the marinas on Lake Belton
Wiping down the boat after a ride around the lake
Getting the boat ready to be winterized
Draining water from the manifolds
After winterizing the boat we went inside and had lunch. When we finished lunch we went outside and did some yardwork. I mowed and Larry weedeated, blew out the garage and driveway. When I finished mowing Larry treated the yards for bugs. It only took me a half hour to mow considering I only mowed the frontyard. While Larry treated for bugs I blew off the front porch and finished the driveway. While we did the boat project and yard projects Flo kept us company.

The pork ribs we had for dinner
When we were finished doing our projects I did four loads of laundry and some housework. About 3:00 I worked out on my Wii Fit, which I hadn't used in ten days. The reason I know this is because it told me. I worked out for a half hour. When it was time for dinner I barbecued pork ribs. They came out perfect. In the evening we watched YouTube videos. We streamed two episodes of POV on the ROKU PBS Channel. One was Kingdom of Shadows, it was about the war on drugs. The other one was Getting Back to Abnormal, which was about New Orleans. They both were good documentaries. We had a busy day just doing little projects.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10-18 Wildlife

We enjoy wildlife
During the past 10 years we have camped in all 48 of the lower United States, a large part of this experience has been all the wildlife we have seen. Some in the campgrounds, down the road, on hiking trails and across creeks and rivers, no matter how many times we see wildlife we get excited. One of the state parks in Texas called South Llano River Park is known for the wild turkeys roosting and deer, we have stayed there multiple times. The turkeys and deer graze along side each other, we have spent hours sitting in our chairs watching them. Along our travels we have seen bears, bison, elk, moose, coyotes, deer, fox, big horn sheep, mountain goats and other wildlife. 

Deer bedded down for a nap
Two does and a fawn grazing in the backyard
A fawn walking a long side of the house
A woodpecker enjoying one of our oak trees
Many times we don't have to go far to see wildlife, we just have to look out our back windows. The only fence we have is an Invisible Fence to keep Flo in but it allows other animals and dogs to visit us. We have deer visit us almost every day. They don't appear to be too scared of us, they graze right next to the back porch, when they hear us they just look up and look at us. When they figure out we're not a threat they continue their grazing. The other day a couple deer bedded down for a nap. We've had fawns running around playing. We have seen foxes hanging around the yard. When I use to walk Flo we saw a couple of foxes and we have seen a fox when we work outside. After Larry installed the security camera on the back porch and it started recording we have seen other critters. We have been wondering why our frontyard and backyard were being rutted up so badly. The camera recorded a couple of raccoons walking around the yard where it was rutted up. The camera also recorded another critter a couple of times, we're not sure what it is but we think it is either a opossum or an armadillo. The camera recorded a couple of domestic cats climbing the tree and walking across the yard. People have asked us if we ever getting tired of watching the deer. We always tell them no. I have a little wildlife park in our backyard.