Pictures From Jan-Feb 2020 - It's All About Having Fun!!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Thursday 5-30 Thursday Night Dancing

Partly Cloudy Day

We had a super day. We had a few small showers throughout the day. The temperature didn't get out of the low 80s.

We started the day out by doing this and that. Larry worked on a couple of small house projects. The front door lock wasn't working as smooth as it normally does so he removed and lubed it. He also worked on his mailbox switch that sends notifications when the mailbox is open or closed and he wrote a review on a handheld shower.

Small home projects

While he was doing these projects I did some Sudoku. Then I did my weekly chores, laundry and housecleaning.


In the evening we went to Sun City to do our weekly C1 and Advanced dancing with the Sundancers. For the C1 dancing we had four couples plus an extra person. We danced an hour before the A dance and fifteen minutes after. During the Advanced dancing we had two squares and five extra people. We had a super night of dancing with friends.

Square Dancing

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Wednesday 5-29 Just Hanging Out

Just hanging around

We spent the day hanging around the house. 

After breakfast I was studying C1 moves on Taminations and I couldn't keep my eyes open so I went back to bed for a couple of hours. While I was sleeping Larry read.

When I woke up I did some Sudoku and finished studying Taminations. Then I worked out for an hour with Gold's Gym and Just Dance. I haven't worked out with Gold's Gym for over two weeks.


Working Out

In the evening we streamed another series from PBS called The Miniaturist. It was another three hours series. It was about a young new bride moving to Amsterdam in the 1600's to be with her husband. The husband gave her a mysterious dollhouse to occupy her. It was a good series. Then I watched a few episodes of Suits.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tuesday 5-28 Why am I so Excited

I'm so excited

I'm so excited, after planting wild flowers in our backyard seven and a half weeks ago Larry walked outside yesterday and saw a small bud on one of the plants. I went outside and checked it out myself. Today it was a bit bigger. It's very exciting I hope the deer don't eat them like last year.

Our first bud of the year

This afternoon I finished assembling Bobby's Room jigsaw puzzle. It took me a week to assemble the 2,000 piece puzzle.

Bobby's Room puzzle all assembled

While I was working on my puzzle Larry wrote a couple of reviews for the Seeds Program. One was on the Genie Garage Door Opener and Moen shower head. The shower head has seven different settings. The first setting was a full spray that was very soft. The sixth setting was a very nice massaging. It is a great shower head but most people will only leave it on the setting they like.

Genie Garage Door Opener
Moen Hydro Energetix Shower head

In the evening we streamed three episodes of Mrs. Wilson from PBS. It was a good series about a widow that learns her dead husbands secret life during World War II. We had a super day.

Relaxing in front of the television

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Monday 2-27 Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who serve or have served in the military.

During the day I continued assembling my puzzle. Larry finished reading American's First Daughter.

Tonight we were back dancing with the Sundancers. For the plus class we had four squares of dancers. Brad reviewed the moves we have learned and introduced us to, Anything and Roll and Spin Chain the Gears. For the actual dance we had two squares. We had six couples for the A tip. We had a super night of dancing with friends and to Brad.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sunday 5-26

Cloudy Day

We had a great day. It was mostly cloudy and the temperature got to 91 degrees at the house. 

A couple of months ago we replaced our office chair and we had yet to get rid of the old one. There was nothing wrong with it we just wanted a more comfortable chair. Larry took a couple of pictures of it and advertised it on Craigslist for free, less than an hour later a lady called and wanted it. It has a new home and is no longer taking up space in our house.

Gone to a new home

This morning I worked on my puzzle and Larry read. After lunch Larry decided to mow the front and back yard. With the rain and Larry fertilizing the grass has been growing very fast. I just mowed on Wednesday. While he mowed I weedeated the areas the lawn mower couldn't get to. After the mowing was finished Larry blew out the garage.
Mowing the backyard

Blowing out the garage

The backyard all mowed

We watched another episode of the GizWiz so now we're caught up. In the evening we watched an Amazon movie called Dear Prudence. It was a movie about a celebrity from New York who went on a vacation in Wyoming to relax. It starred Jane Seymour, Jamey Sheridan and Ryan Cartwright. It was a cute movie. Then I watched a few episodes of Suits. 

Relaxing in front of television

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Saturday 5-25 Smile and Be Happy

Smile and be happy

We had a wonderful day. It was another hot and humid day but no rain.

We spent most of the day around the house. I worked on my puzzle and Larry started reading America's First Daughter.

After lunch we went to town to pickup packages. I got a couple of more Belly Dancers Belts off of Ebay. One rose and one green. Now I have three new belts for square dancing.

The rose belly dancer belt with silver jingles

The green belly dancer belt with silver jingles

When we got home we watched an episode of the GizWiz. 

When it was time for dinner I barbecued some HEB Pork Fajita meat. When the pork was finished I sliced it up and put the meat on the rest of the hot dog buns.

Pork Fajita Meat

In the evening we watched Captain America, this is the First Avengers movie. We have watched it before, it is a good movie. Afterwards I watched a few episodes of Suits. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Friday 5-24 Relaxing Day

Lay back and have fun

We spent most of the day hanging around the house. I worked on my puzzle. Larry added freon to the A/C in the truck, he had added some a few weeks ago but the can he had on hand was almost empty when he started and it was not enough. He also played with a few tech kind of things. 

After lunch we were discussing what to have for dinner. While shopping at HEB the other day they had a coupon, if you bought their brand of hot dog they would give you cheese for free. We probably eat hot dogs a couple of times a year so with it being Memorial Day weekend we picked up a pack. We didn't think about getting hot dog buns so off to town we went. We stopped at the UPS Store and picked up a package that was waiting for us. Then we went to Walmart and picked up some hot dog buns. When we were checking out we saw some cookie sandwiches and they looked delicious. We decided to buy a couple of them. Larry had an oatmeal cookie with vanilla icing in the middle and I got a sugar cookie with sparkles with vanilla icing in the middle. On the way home we ate the cookies and they were delicious.

More grocery shopping

We have been streaming Call the Midwife series on KLRU. This evening we streamed the last two episodes of the eighth season. Then I watched a few episodes of Suits. We had a very relaxing day.    

Friday, May 24, 2019

Thursday 5-23 Super Day

Super Day

We had a super day. 

Now that the router is working correctly Larry had to fix a problem that sprang up with our Alexa enabled light switches. He could not figure it our so he called the Amazon help desk. The lady on the other end was very helpful and friendly. She solved the problem, she found out that the command for the switches had been duplicated on the Amazon site (this probably happened due to changing routers out multiple times). Once he deleted the duplicated commands they work perfectly. He is one excited guy. Sometimes we complain about phone tech support but this week Larry called two different tech companies and received excellent, knowledgeable and understandable help.
After breakfast we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping. I like drinking diet sodas and a couple of weeks ago we picked up a 12 pack of Orange Vanilla Coke Zero. We liked it so when we saw they were on sale today we bought a couple more along with a 12 pack of Vanilla Coke Zero. 

Weekly grocery shopping at HEB

Twice a week in the summer there is a small farmers market just down the street from us in Temple. Larry read in the local paper that one of the vendors who sells homemade jams also sells delicious homemade pies and cakes. While we were in town we stopped by. The lady that sold the homemade pies and cakes only had one flavor of cakes, a Mini Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. We had it for our lunch dessert. It was fresh and delicious.  

The chocolate chip bundt cake

While working on my puzzle we were notified that our mailbox was opened and closed. Larry went to the mailbox, I had a box from Amazon. It was a new Belly Dancing Belt for square dancing, some of the ones I have are old and need to be replaced.

New Belly Dance Belt

Before heading to Sun City for their weekly C1 and Advanced square dance we both reviewed the C1 calls on Taminations. For C1, we had one square. For Advanced we had exactly two squares but decided to do one square at a time, that way we had someone running the computer. This worked out very well. After the Advanced dance we danced another 15 minutes of C1. I felt I did a lot better this week than last week dancing C1. Before this dance last week we danced four hours to Jerry Story so not only was I tired but I did not get a chance to review the moves on Taminations. We had an outstanding night of dancing with friends. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wednesday 5-22 Success With the New Router

Hot Humid Day

It was a hot humid day, we spent the day under the air conditioner. 

Larry spent another day playing with the router. He thought he had all the information he needed to get everything running but when he completed the configuration as had been suggested it created another issue. He updated his append on the forum and the gentleman from the Czech Republic remembered that a couple of other folks had the same problem last month and the developer fixed it with an updated version of the code. He sent Larry the link for the code and after installing it and resetting everything up the problems went away. Everything is working, hooray!!

While Larry worked on the router I worked on my puzzle. I also worked out with my Wii Fit for a half hour.

In the evening we watched Bless Me Ultima via Amazon. It was a movie about a boy coming to age during World War II. The Ultima was his grandmother and she has powers of healing the sick. The movie was based from a novel. It was a good movie. Afterwards I finished watching the third season of Suits.   

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tuesday 5-21 Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

The day started out with a little rain but it cleared up and the sun came out.

Larry  has continued working with his new router. It worked extremely well except he could not get our light switches or plugs to work with it. After three days of reading forums and trying different ideas he was about ready to return it but he decided to put an append in the forum for the router software asking for ideas. He has now had three folks reply back, one is a developer of the software who lives in Australia, another is a user who lives in the Cezch Repulik. With their suggestions he was able to get past the major hurdle but he still had one more problem, he now had a switch connected but the app that controls them would not work correctly. He ended up calling the manufacture and after sitting on hold for an hour the lady who answered was able to tell him how to fix it. He thinks everything is fixed and is very happy. Tomorrow he will reinstall it and hook everything up and we will see if it really works.

While he was working on the router I finished reading America's First Daughter. It was an excellent book.

After lunch I went outside and mowed the frontyard and half the backyard. Larry weedeated and blew out the garage, he also blew off the porches and driveway. After I cooled off I started another jigsaw puzzle called Bobby's Room made by Bits and Pieces.

New puzzle Bobby's Room

Larry finished rereading my annual book. He uploaded it to Blurb and ordered my printed books.

In the evening we watched a comedy movie via Amazon called Corner Gas. It was a Canadian movie from the same series. It wasn't that good. Afterwards I watched a few episodes of Suits. While watching Suits I finished doing my steps, which was 15,000. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Monday 5-20 Red White and Blue Dance

Having fun with friends

We had a wonderful day. We started out by hanging around the house. Larry started to editing my annual book for the second time. While he was doing this I continued reading The First Daughter.

In the evening we went to the Sundancers Red White and Blue Dance. Every year the Sundancers have a dance to celebrate Memorial Day. They invited Charlie Robertson to help Brad Caldwell call the dance and Lucy and Jerry Pate to cue the round dancing. We had eight squares of dancers and eleven couples dancing the rounds. The club had a lot of desserts for refreshments: fresh creme pies from Mable Falls, and lots of homemade desserts: cherry cobbler, brownies, raisin oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, German Chocolate cake and many more. They were all delicious. We danced with friends we don't see too often and others we see every week. We had a super time.   

The outfits we wore to the dance

Charlie Robertson and Brad Caldwell
James and Jeanne

Leonard and Kathy

Art and Linda
Howard and Betty getting ready to round dance to Lucy

Paulette, Larry, Paula and Brad round dancing to Lucy

Friends having fun dancing to Brad and Charlie

Glen having fun dancing with friends

Monday, May 20, 2019

Sunday 5-19 Just Another Day

Today was beautiful, lots of sun and a high of 92 degrees.

Larry spent another day working on the router. I spent the day reading. 

In the evening we watched the movie She Sings to the Stars. It wasn't that good, it was very slow moving. Afterwards I watched a few episodes of Suits. 

Relaxing in front of the television

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Saturday 5-18 Miniature Horses

Bell County Expo Center

We had a wonderful day. We started out by going to HEB and doing our weekly grocery shopping. Then we went to the Bell County Expo Center to attend the San Antonio Area Miniature Horse Club Event. The event is two days of judging beautiful miniature horses in different categories. We were there for about two hours. We watched the carriage riders warm up their horses and show them. We also watched Gypsy/Draft Stallions and thirteen groups of Western Miniatures that were broken down by size. Before one of categories started showing one of the carriage horses was spooked and started to buck. It took a few minutes and a lot of people to calm the horse and its handler down. The horse ended up hurting itself, it didn't seem too series but they decided not to enter it. We had a great time watching the show.

Two participants in the first group of miniature horse

A participant in the second group of miniature horse

The carriage group

The carriage category

Another entry in carriage

One of the two men participating in the carriage category

The Budweiser Clydesdales truck in the parking lot

The Gypsy Stallion that participated in the three and four year olds

In the afternoon Larry went back to working on the router. He ended up working on it until it was time for him to go to bed. While he did this I read.