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Friday, March 13, 2020

Thursday 3-12 Thursday Dancing

Another overcast day

We started out with overcast skies but by the afternoon the sun came out with a wind. It got into the 80's.

When I got out of bed Larry told me that he didn't sleep well and slept in until 7:00 so he was a little behind in his morning routine. I made pancakes for breakfast. Then I did a little housework and laundry. I did my daily challenges and the Solitaire Event: Two Game Tango, 10 games of Klondike and 10 games of Tri Peaks. By the time I went to bed I came in 27th in my group of 100 players.

Doing some chores in the house

In the afternoon I studied the C1 moves off Taminations because it has been a couple of weeks since I danced C1.

Today is our weekly C1/A2 tape group dance in Sun City. Dan and Nancy had e-mailed us to see if we were going to be there. Larry told them he wasn't feeling well but if they needed me I would be more than happy to go. Larry didn't want me to go all the way there if I wasn't needed, it is over 80 miles round trip. Dan wrote us back and said that Terry would be attending if he had a partner and it would make a square for C1, I replied that I would be there. Oh, no!!! What have I done!! I'm going to be square dancing without Larry. I will be driving to Sun City by myself. 

Before I left for the dance Larry setup the cell phone's GPS to get me to Sun City. Now I won't get lost. I know I have been going there for years but driving yourself is different. He also setup the phone so I could call home so I could let him know I'm coming home.

I got to Sun City at 4:45, which was a little early because the dance wasn't until 5:00. For C1 we had exactly a square. We danced to some complex calling and had to walk through the moves we had trouble with. But we all had fun. We danced C1 for an hour and a half. Then we danced A2 for another hour and a half. We had a square and a half of dancers. This was great because we had someone running the computer and everyone could rest a tip. Everyone was surprised that Larry wasn't there. When they found out he wasn't feeling well, they wished him well. They also said they missed him. I had a great time dancing with friends. I was proud of myself because I didn't get lost.

When I got home we watch a couple of episodes of Travels by Narrowboat. When Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of Suspects. I finished doing 19,000 steps. We had a wonderful day.       

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