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Monday, March 9, 2020

Sunday 3-8 Just Having Fun

Having fun with friends

It was overcast all day but no rain. 

In the morning we went to Nolan Creek and hiked the trail. We only hiked a half hour. The temperature was in the low 50s and we had a little wind. There was one other person on the trail. It was a good walk along Nolan Creek.

The bridge that goes over Nolan Creek

In the afternoon we went to Georgetown to attend Jimmy Johnson's DBD Dance. Jimmy hasn't had a dance since December. His previous dances have gotten smaller and smaller and he wants to grow the numbers of DBD dancers. He and his wife Gwen have been going to dances in the area and inviting people to come to this dance. Today we had three and a half squares. He really didn't call a lot of hard moves because he wanted the new folks to get use to dancing DBD (dance by definition). Jimmy basically walked us through some plus and mainstream moves in different positions. We had fun dancing with friends we haven't danced with in a very long time. The dance started at 1:30 and was over by 3:30 so we were home by 4:30.

Get a partner and have fun dancing

The rest of the day we relaxed in front of the television. We watched the news and some YouTube videos. I did my daily challenges and the Solitaire Event: Two Games Tango, which was 10 games of spider and 10 games of Pyramid. I thought I logged out before we went square dancing but I wasn't so it took me 6:47:52 to complete the challenge.

In the evening we watched Castles In The Sky, which was a 2014 British movie. It was about a group of British scientists struggles to invent radar in the years leading up to World War II. It was a good movie. Then we watched a documentary called Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride. The documentary was about a transgender life of a macho owner of an auto wrecking company, who goes into hiding. It was good documentary. Then I started watching the fourth season of Scott & Bailey, which is a detective series about two British female detectives. We had a great day.      

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