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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Tuesday 7-9-24 Dentist, Dancing, Crafting & Having Fun


Just having fun

We had a very nice day. 

Larry finished his paper project, excavator. He said it was probably the most challenging paper craft he has done. It is very detailed and appears realistic. There were 122 pieces, lots of bending, shaping and gluing. He really enjoyed it. He started Friday and finished today. It came out great.



We went to the dentist almost two weeks ago and Larry's gums have been very sensitive. He called the dentist office yesterday and got an appointment this morning. The dentist took pictures, after looking at the pictures and his gums and didn't find anything wrong. He told Larry to wait a week and see if they get better. If not he should come back. 


Going to the dentist


While Larry was at his appointment I danced. I attended Di Green and Terry McCann's weekly A2 dance. They took turns calling five tips to 10 participants. Larry came home just in time to dance the last two tips. Yesterday for Di's birthday she received a bottle of cherry chocolate wine. She said she had a glass and she could taste the cherry but not the chocolate. She said it was ok. Di worked on Left Chain Reaction, Motivate and Cast the Shadow, they four couple moves. We had a super time dancing with friends.

I did the Daily Challenges of Solitaire and Mahjong. The event was Event: Two Game Tango of 20 games (10 Free Cell and 10 Pyramid). It took me 1 hour, 11 minutes and 12 seconds, which put me in 11th place in my group. Then I played some Angry Birds.

While Larry worked on his excavator project I worked out with Synth Riders for an hour. I assembled some more of my puzzle.

I played four games of pinball. They were Corvette, Mustang, Playboy and X-Men. I got a new high score in Corvette, which was 503,342,030. It didn't move me up on the board. I'm 24th out of 31 participants. I had a lot of fun playing pinball because I hadn't played X-Men in a very long time.









In the evening we started to watch Sherlock on PBS, we have watched it before. PBS brought the series back for a bit. There are four seasons. We watched 2 of the 3 episodes of the 1st season. Then I watched Murder on the Orient Express. Then I started to watch the Jesse Stone movies on Amazon. The first one was Jesse Stone: Stone Cold. I ended up doing 17,000 steps, which put me in 3rd place in my group.




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