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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Monday 6-29 Masks Required - Nope, Just Kidding

Hold on tight

It was very windy all day. We stayed around the house all day.

Today the yellow hummingbird feeder was seeing some activity. Later in the afternoon Larry saw a hummingbird at the yellow feeder and another at the orange feeder. The bird feeder with seeds was also active, we also had a squirrel trying to get to it but so far he has been unsuccessful. He started out eating the sunflower seeds that the birds had dropped onto the porch, then he climbed on the table and looked at the feeder trying to figure out how to get to it. He got off the table and climbed up the railing underneath the feeder. He stood on the hummingbird feeders for awhile trying to figure if he could jump up to it. Then he gave up and left. At dinnertime I threw a bag of shredded lettuce out in the backyard for the deer. After dinner the doe and fawn came back and ate the lettuce. Another doe joined them. After eating they continued the adventure on the empty lot next door.

While hanging around the house I worked on my puzzle, watered the flowers and attended a virtual C1 workshop with Ett at 6:30 pm. I did my daily challenges.

Last week our county judge said that all businesses and customers would have to wear masks starting today. The reason for this was because our county has seen a large growth in coronavirus activity. Today the 5:00 news said the county commissioners have now decided to make masks voluntary but they would strongly recommend wearing masks. So in other words we are back where we were other than the governor has ordered all bars to close.

At 6:30 we attended a C1 Workshop that Ett was giving. We stayed the whole time but it was frustrating. We spent a lot of time broken down. Last week Larry had written her an email asking if she could cue a bit more, she wrote backing saying she would and while she did try she was confusing. Ett had 60 people attend the Zoom call. While sitting out we noticed that there were a lot of people struggling. We'll have to think about attending again or maybe we will drop her and just use the two couple tapes we have.

After the dance we watched a documentary called Sit Stay Rider: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs, it was about dogs riding in a sidecar of a motorcycle. The owners put goggles on the dogs when they're riding in the sidecar. It was cute documentary. Then I continued watching The Expanse. I did 20,500 steps.          

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