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Monday, June 15, 2020

Sunday 6-14 Flowers And Dancing

Just having fun

We had a fun day with a lot of sunshine. The temperature was 95 degrees.

During the day we worked on finishing the bird feeder. It took most of the day because I put on three coats of Urethane. After each coat I had to wait a couple of hours so the Urethane could dry. Before putting a coat on I lightly sanded the pieces. Larry sanded the pieces before I applied the first coat of Urethane. Tomorrow Larry will assemble the bird feeder and hang it. The feeder looks good.

Sanding pieces down

We did two virtual square dances. The first dance was a plus dance with Mike Dusoe at 1:00 pm. He invited Dean Singleton to call with him. The dance was an hour long and 49 people called in, you actually end up with almost 100 people because most of those who call in are couples, some are singles. Sure wish we could get that kind of participation with our local clubs. Before the dance Mike walked us through Coordinate and Track Two, doing these with two couples is a bit different than with four couples. When he called coordinate we moved one and a half positions. My phantom and I would trade and Larry moved up to the end of the line like normal. When he called Track Two, he explained it was like a partner trade. The dance had four tips and each tip had a singing call in it. We had fun dancing to both Dean and Mike.

The second dance was an A2/C1 dance with Lorne Smith at 7:30 for an hour. We had 39 people participating in the A2 tips, which was three tips. The last tip of the A2 dance was where we danced with six phantoms. It was very challenging. For the C1 tips we had 32 people participating. It was fun and challenging. We had a super time dancing with Lorne.

In between doing the bird feeder project and dancing I did my daily challenges and The Event: Klondike Adventure of 20 games. It took me 1 hour, 33 minutes and 42 seconds, which put me in 29th place in my group. It was a special day today because it was Solitaire Sunday when we played the Klondike games your points were doubled.

When I went out to water my flowers I had a pleasant surprise. There were a few new flowers. They're not gone yet. They're still there and growing.  

New purple flowers from the partial shady seeds

New Amazon flower

New purple flower from Pollinator Wild Flower Blend seeds

After the dance we watched the second episode of Expanse on Amazon. Then I watched the 14th season and started the 15th season of Trail & Retribution. I did 22,000 steps, which put me in fifth place in my group and for the week I did 177,099 steps.  

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