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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tuesday 6-9 Another 100 Degree Day

Another 100 degree day

We hung around the house under the air conditioner. It was 100 degrees at 5:00 at our house. Officially in Temple it got to 101 degrees.

Larry's day consisted of putting a few coats of Urethane over the stain on his birdhouse and doing some reading. My allergies were acting up so I laid down for a few hours. I did my daily challenges. I didn't have an event today.

I think my flowers are done for the season. It has been so hot that they started to wilt a bit.

Flowers looking very sad
For dinner I made a Mexican Chicken Soup. It came out good.

Mexican Chicken Soup

In the evening we watched a movie via Amazon called Rocketman. It was about Elton John's life. It was very good. Then we watched the last episode of Off the Cuf, which was about The World's Largest Truck Stop in Iowa. It is located off highway 80. We visited it a few years back and toured their museum. Then I watched the seventh season of Trail &  Retribution. I did 23,000 steps while watching television.

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