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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Wednesday 6-10 Dentist Appointment

Fabulous Day

We had a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine. It was cooler today. It didn't get out of the low 90's. There was a little breeze.

Larry had a dentist appointment at 10:00 in morning. The appointment was to get a crown put on his implant. 

On the way home he swung by Walmart to pick up an order he made yesterday online. The email said the order would be in the automated tower. He scanned the barcode into the tower computer and the order did not come down the tower, he tried a couple of times. Then he re-read the email, it said if the order did not come down the tower to wait and an associate would deliver it to the tower. It took maybe five minutes and an associate showed up with the order.

While Larry was at his appointment I worked on my daily challenges and The Event: The Hard Road of 16 games. It took me 3 hours, 26 minutes and 28 seconds, which put me in 15th place in my group.
Larry put the birdhouse together and then hung it on the porch. It looks great. Now we wait for the birds to come to visit.

The finished birdhouse hanging on the porch

The birdhouse waiting for the birds to come

In the evening we watched an Amazon movie called Coyote: The Mike Plant Story. It was documentary about Mike Plant, who was an American singled-handed yachtsman. It was about his passion for sailing. It was very good. Then we started watching a comedy called Kingdom. We had watched the first two episodes awhile back but I wasn't sure if I remembered the storyline so I started it at the beginning. Then I watched the eighth season of Trail & Retribution. I started watching the ninth season. I did 27,000 steps today.       

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