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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Saturday 6-13 Building a Bird Feeder

We had a super day. The temperature was in the mid 90's and the humidity was 27%, which made it very comfortable.

A few days ago I wrote that Larry built a birdhouse. Yesterday, we had a bird visit it. It went all the way inside and looked around, it didn't stay long but it was fun watching it. Larry had fun building the birdhouse, he was thinking about either building another birdhouse or a bird feeder. We decided to do a bird feeder. The first thing Larry did was print out a bird feeder plan. We didn't have to buy any materials.  Since we were using leftover scraps we substituted materials as we needed. He cut the boards to the size we needed using his miter saw and jig saw. Next he made a hole in the front and back of the feeder. He also made a half circle on both side of the feeder. Then we drilled holes in each board in order to assemble the feeder. Larry used his mill and drill. Then he assembled the feeder, it looked great. He then disassembled the feeder so we could sand and stain all the pieces. We stained the pieces using two different colors, black (Ebony) for the roof and wheat for the rest of the pieces. Once the pieces were stained we wiped the extra stain off. Tomorrow we'll apply the Urethane. It was a lot of fun building the bird feeder.

Front of bird feeder

Side view

Assembling bottom frame


Wiping off extra stain

Pieces drying

At noon we took a break to do a virtual square dance to Johnny Preston. We didn't stay around long, Johnny was calling a regular dance with four couples in a square. Since we only had ourselves some of the calls were impossible for us. There was noway we could do calls like Relay The Ducey with six phantoms. The other virtual square dances the callers called for a two couple square. We only had to keep track of and dance with one phantom couple.

In the evening we watched YouTube videos. We watched am Amazon movie called House of D. It starred David Duchovny and Robin Williams. It was movie about a starving artist in Paris, who returns to America to find who he is. It was not a great movie. I finished watching the 12th season and watched the 13th season of Trail & Retribution. I did 25,000 steps.


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