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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Wednesday 6-24 Going For a Walk

It was overcast all day and occasionally we had a light sprinkle. There was a little breeze. What should we do? Larry suggested going for a walk. We decided to go to Crossroads Park. It has been a long time since we went for a walk so we weren't sure how far we would walk. There was only one other car in the parking lot. We took the paved trail around the park. The walk took us around the baseball diamonds, tennis courts and the playground. We saw a few people walking. A couple of the people had dogs. We walked for 35 minutes, 1.7 miles. It was a very nice walk because the breeze kept us cool.

Once we were at home we relaxed under the air conditioner. I did my daily challenges and Event: Solitaire World Tour of 30 games. It took me 3 hours, 31 minutes and 15 seconds, which put me in 9th place in my group. While I worked on my computer games Larry read. Yesterday Larry finished a book so he wrote a review on it. Then he started reading another book.

In the afternoon we had a virtual C1 square dance/workshop at 1:00. Our friend Dan from Sun City had sent us some two couple square dancing tapes. A half hour before the C1 dance we did one tip of C1 two couples. It was challenging and we had to walk through some of it to figure out the sequence. We're still having problems keeping track of the phantom couple. When it was time for the C1 dance Larry logged us on to Zoom. The workshop was an hour and Ett did a lot more cuing, which made it a lot better. We did six short sessions. We broke down here and there because we lost the phantom couple or we turned the wrong way. We had a lot more fun than the Monday C1 workshop.

After the dance I continued to work on the Solitaire Event. Larry read.

At 7:00 we participated in another virtual square dance. It was a Plus dance hosted by Mike Dusoe. He called for a half hour, which was two tips. During the half hour Mike introduced us to Relay the Ducey with two couples. He modified the move to fit the two couple concept. We had a great time. Afterwards Larry and I danced another hour and a half to tapes of Johnny Preston, we did A2 two couple. We got through one whole tip. It went a lot better tonight than last night.

Then we finished watching the first season of Alpha House and an episode from the second season. Afterwards I finished watching Mystery Road. I watched Code of a Killer, which was base on a true story about how the first DNA helped police solve a double murder and the scientist, who discovered DNA. I did 27,000 steps.          

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