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Monday, June 29, 2020

Sunday 6-28 Day of Virtual Dancing

Keeping Skills Up

We had another windy day. At times the wind was really strong.

In the morning I did my daily challenges and Event: Two Game Tango, 10 Free Cell games and 10 Pyramid games. It took me 2 hours, 9 minutes and 47 seconds to complete. When I finished I was in 14th place in my group. I probably will drop considering I finished by noon and the challenge lasts for 24 hours, it started at 6:00 am central time.

After playing computer games I worked on my puzzle. Larry wrote a review on a book he finished reading and started another book.

Today we attended three virtual square dancing events. The first event was a C1/C2 dance to Ett. She called three tips of C1 and then three tips of C2. This was great because we don't know C2. Our session of the dance was a half hour. The first tip was easier than the other two. Ett did better in cuing so that made it less frustrating.

The second event was a festival. Mike Dusoe and Denise Carbonell invited other callers and round dance cuers to attend. The festival started at 1:00 pm our time and was over at 3:30. The mainstream/round dance had 212 participants logged into Zoom. We danced plus for an hour and a half. During the plus dance we had 208 on Zoom and another 40 on YouTube. We danced 6 tips to 6 different callers around the United States and other callers were logged into Zoom to see how the festival was going. We danced to: Denise Carbonell, Mike Dusoe, Ted Lizotte, Darren Gallina, Tom Miller and Dean Singleton. Larry danced each tip but the singing call he sat down, I danced the singing call by myself. We had a great time.

The third event was Loren Smith's weekly A2/C1. We had 32 people participate in A2 and 31 for the C1 tip. Loren did three A2 tips, the first two were two couples and we did very well. The third tip was a full square, we didn't do too well. The C1 tip we did fine. We had a great time.

In between the second event and the third event we watched YouTube videos. I watered my flowers. They're still growing, when a few die another few grow. The ones that are really growing were the seeds that we received as a gift from Alexa.

Flowers on the side of the flower planter closest to the house

Flowers still growing on the south side of the flower planter

After the third event we finished watching Alpha House. Then I finished watching Agatha Christie Partner in Crime, which was three episodes. Then I started to watch the second season of The Expanse. I did 26,000 steps, which put me in third place in my group for the week with 178,070.


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