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Friday, June 12, 2020

Thursday 6-11 Boating and Dancing

Just having fun

We had a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and the wind was very low.

In morning we hung around the house. Larry did some reading. I did my daily challenges and The Event: Two Game Tango, 10 games of Spider and 10 games of Tri Peaks. It took me 29 minutes and 35 seconds, which but me in 25th place in my group.

After lunch we went to the lake for a couple of hours. For a weekday there were a few more boats on the water than normal. As we were going around the bend Larry noticed one of the houses on the ledge had a dragon in its yard, it was very cute. The owners were sitting out enjoying the sun, they waved at us, Larry waved back but I was busy taking a picture and didn't see them. When we got around the bend the water was very nice so out came the water ski. We both did a set of skiing. After skiing we continued down the lake to where the bridge is. When we got to the bridge we turned around and started back towards Rogers Park ramp. Once there we floated a bit. We had a very pleasant afternoon on the lake.

Living on the lake

Dragon we saw on the lake

Hwy 36 bridge over Lake Belton
In the evening we attended two virtual square dancing events. The first was an A2/C1 dance put on every week by the Capital Squares at 6:00 our time. Jeremy Butler called the dance and we had 47 people participating live. Jeremy called three tips of A2 and one tip of C1. We hadn't done C1 in over three months so before the event we reviewed Taminations. It helped a lot but it was still challenging. We had a great time. The second event was a Mainstream/Plus dance with Tom Miller and Bill Harrison. There were 100 people participating, which is the limit. We danced two tips of mainstream and two tips of plus. It was ok but very basic. We had a good hour and a half of dancing.

After dancing we watched a Amazon documentary called Darwin. Darwin was about the 35 people, who live in Darwin. Darwin is located in Death Valley. It was a good documentary. I would never move to Darwin. Afterwards I finished watching the ninth season of  Trail & Retribution and watched the tenth season of it. While watching television I did 25,000 steps. 

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