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Monday, June 1, 2020

Sunday 5-31 Fly By

Laid back day

Yesterday, Larry read that at 10:00 this morning a group of 30 to 40 pilots from all over Texas were going to fly over the local health centers in support of the health care workers taking care of coronavirus patients. The planes were homemade by the pilots. We drove by the airport and saw people parked to see them. As we were driving towards Baylor Scott and White Hospital and the VA Hospital, we saw a group of planes flying overhead. Larry stopped and took a few pictures, down the road we saw more planes. They were close enough that I saw the paint jobs on a few of them, they were bright yellow and blue. We parked at Temple College, there were a few other cars there. The fly by wasn't too long but it was nice to see.

A group of a dozen planes flying around town

The same group in a nice formation

On the way home we stopped by West Temple Community Park to take pictures of the beautiful field of wildflowers. 

Having fun in the field of wildflower

A closure look of some of the flowers

More flowers

Gorgeous wildflower
When we got home it was time for lunch. After lunch I worked on my daily challenges and The Event: Klondike Adventure of 20 games. It took me 53 minutes and 52 seconds, which put me in 7th place in my group.

Afterwards I took a nap. When I awoke I worked on my puzzle. Larry did a little reading. We watched the weekly episode of GizWiz.

In the evening we watched an Amazon movie called Tater Tot and Patton. It was a very slow movie about a young girl and her uncle coming to term with their problems. Then we started watching an Amazon series called Carnival Row. This series is a neo-noir series starring Orlando Bloom. Then I started watching the fifth season of DCI Banks. I did 25,000 steps, which put me in fourth place in my group with 180,000 steps for the week.

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