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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tuesday 6-23 Working Out

Working Out

We woke up with a little rain so we hung around the house all day. What should we do?

Since the shut down caused by the coronavirus back in the middle of March (101 days ago) I have put on ten pounds. I have talked about going on a diet but it's hard to get motivated because I'm hanging around the house. Two weeks ago I decided to go on a diet. I've lost six pounds so far. It's a slow process. We haven't gone square dancing so I haven't gotten much exercise. We started doing virtual square dancing a couple of weeks ago, it's not a lot of exercise but we move a little bit. I do 20,000 to 26,000 steps a day but it's still not enough exercise. I have no excuse because I have the Wii Fit, Just Dance Programs (6) and Gold's Gym but I haven't been motivated to do them. I have only used them seven times this year. I also have hand weights that I don't use at all. Years ago Larry bought me some stretch bands and a resistance tube that I only used a few times.

Yesterday, Larry went through Amazon on the television and found a couple of workout videos that sounded good. He put them on our watch list. After lunch today I decided to start using one. The workout program was called Fitnation: Fitness For All, it went for a season with 10 episodes. I worked out with the first episode, which was 20 minutes long. It did a lot of stepping, kicking and leg lifting. There were two hosts and six ladies working out with them, each lady was at a different level of working out beginner, intermediate and advance. By the time I finished I was sweaty and I had fun.

After I cooled down I got my resistance tube out. We bought it at Walmart years ago. It comes with a routine of 10 different types of sets (Chest Press, Chest Fly, Standing Row, Reverse Fly, Overhead Press, Lateral Raise, Upright Row, Biceps Curl, Overhead Triceps Extension and Squats). Each set recommends between 12-16 repetitions. I did all 10 sets and 16 repetitions of each. It took 15 minutes to complete. I know my muscles will be sore tomorrow.

The resistance tube I used

Six of the sets I did

The other four sets I did

In the afternoon Larry had to go to the oral surgeon to get his implant checked out. While he was gone I worked on my puzzle.

We watched the birds coming to the feeder most of the day. Today we were surprised to see doves use the feeder considering it's so small. It was harder for the doves to use it because of its size but once one figured it out the others figured it out. At one point I saw two doves at the feeder together eating. But when the doves were at the feeder the smaller birds kept their distance. Once the doves left the smaller birds returned. It was fascinating watching the birds at the feeder. Once in awhile one bird would chase off the other birds. We saw a beautiful dragon fly on the chain of the bird feeder.

A dove waiting for its turn at the feeder

A dove eating the bird seeds

A dove waiting to eat

Two doves eating together

Four doves at the bird feeder

A beautiful dragon fly hanging around

In the evening we watched YouTube videos. We danced two couple A2 for an hour and a half to Johnny Preston's two couple tapes. It was challenging and fun. When you're using tapes if you're struggling you can go back thru that sequence and do it again and you can stop the tape at the sequence where you're having trouble. Afterwards we watched three episodes of Alpha House. Last night we watched the movie Mystery Road and tonight I started watching the first season of Mystery Road. I did 24,000 steps.

Before going to bed I did my daily challenges and The Event: Medium Mayhem Mini of 10 games. It took me 1 hour and 45 seconds, which put me in 26th place in my group.    

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