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Monday, June 8, 2020

Sunday 6-7 Weekly Shopping

We had a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine. It got up into the mid to high 90's.

We hung around the house most of the day. Larry started the day out by doing our online grocery shopping at Walmart. I did my daily challenges and The Event: World Tour Mini of 10 games. It took me 32 minutes and 33 seconds, which put me in 26th place in my group.

At 1:00 our grocery order was ready so off to Walmart we went. This week we had one item they couldn't supply, a package of three different bell peppers (orange, red and yellow). That was ok, we can live without them.

Weekly grocery shopping

I put our groceries away and then went back to doing some more spring cleaning. I did a complete detail of the kitchen and the third bedroom. It took me a couple of hours. While I was cleaning Larry finished reading a Kindle book.

In the evening we did another Virtual Square Dance. This session was an A level. We had 28 participants in the Zoom meeting. The caller was Lorne Smith, he is out of Calgary. Before doing this we reviewed Taminations on the A calls. This session was a lot of fun. While we enjoyed the other virtual dances we liked this one more, upon thinking about it we think that was because there were no singing calls. Lorne did three tips. The last tip was very challenging because we had to dance with three phantom couples. At times it was very hard to see where the phantoms were. The session was for 45 minutes and Lorne does this every week. We had people from Canada and around the United States. The largest number of people were from Texas.

After dancing we watched a couple of episodes of Upload. It is a very good series on Amazon and at times it's funny. Then I watched the fourth session of Trial &  Retribution. I did 27,000 steps, which put me in third place in my group. For the week I did 175,208 steps. 

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