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Monday, June 22, 2020

Sunday 6-21 Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

I hope all the fathers had a great day. 

In the morning we had a lot of activity at the bird feeder. We had over six birds visiting. It was fascinating to watch them. There were no more than two birds at the feeder at a time. A couple of them stayed awhile and ate the feed. The other birds would take a piece of food and then fly away and eat it, then they would come back for more. When two of the birds were on the same side, one would fly away or move to the other side. The birds continued to eat throughout the day. This was great entertainment. For the last few days we have seen a doe and a fawn walk through the backyard. At times they would run across the yard. It is amazing how fast the little fawn can run. It kept up with mom very well.

Red headed bird eating from the feeder

Beautiful gray bird

Bray bird looking straight ahead

Two red headed birds
Mama looking at me

The fawn safely across the yard

In the afternoon we did a virtual square dance with Wendy VanderMeuler. The schedule was: 2:00-2:30 Mainstream with 1 singing call, 2:30-3:00 Not So Easy Plus and 3:00 -3:30 A1. The time is eastern time, here in Texas it's an hour earlier. This was Wendy's last week for virtual calling. It was the first time we danced to Wendy and she did a great job and was fun. We participated in the Plus and A1 session. For the Plus session we had 43 participants and for the A1 session we had 42 participants.

After the dance I went outside and watered my flowers. I was surprised to see three of the Amazon flowers blooming and another three buds. I still have a few small white flowers blooming. I will continue watering the flowers.

Amazon flowers

White flowers still growing

Throughout the day I worked on and off on my puzzle and Larry read. We also watched some YouTube videos. I did my daily challenges, there were no event today.

In the evening we attended Loren Smith's weekly A2/C1 dance. It was at 7:30 our time. We had three tips of A2 and one tip of C1. For the A2 tips we had 32 participants and C1 had 31 participants. The third tip of A2 was very challenging because we did a four couples square where we had to dance with three phantom couples. It's hard enough to keep track of one phantom couple but it's almost impossible to keep track of three. We struggled a lot so we sat most of the tip out and watched the rest of the dancers. Some of the real good dancers we know were struggling but they kept trying. Loren did a super job of calling,

After the dance we watched three episodes of Alpha House. Then I finished watching Kingdom. I started watching the second season of Prisoners Wives. I did 22,000 steps, which put me in fourth place in my group with 177,582. I missed third place by 1,000 steps. 

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