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Friday, June 26, 2020

Thursday 6-25 Walking, Mowing and Dancing

We had another humid day with no breeze. At 2:00 the temperature was 87 with the humidity at 56%.

We spent the day doing a little exercise. After breakfast we went back to Crossroads Park but we parked where the soccer fields are and where you can pick up Pepper Creek Trail. We walked Pepper Creek Trail for 35 minutes and went 1.7 miles. As we walked the trail we saw a couple of families riding bikes, a few people jogging, people walking and a lady with her son walking their new dog. By the time we got back to the car we were soaked because of the high humidity. We had a great walk on Pepper Creek Trail.

After lunch I worked out to Fitnation. I did the second episode, it was a higher level, we did lunges, leg lifts, jumping jacks, squats and punches. It was hard but I enjoyed doing it because they had people working out with the instructor at different intransitive levels.

After I cooled down I mowed the back half of the backyard. It had been about a month since I had mowed it so the grass and weeds were getting out of control. After I mowed by our neighbor's fence Larry weedeated along the fence and around the areas I couldn't get to with the mower. Then he blew off the driveway and when I finished mowing he blew off the mower, filled it with gas and rechecked the oil so it will be ready for the next time we mow. It took me an hour and a half to mow the backyard.

While cooling off we watched the birds. Today the birds weren't as active as they were yesterday and the day before. We had made three hummingbird feeders and we had not seen any hummingbirds, today Larry removed one and filled the other two. A little while later we saw a hummingbird come and hang around a bit. It appeared there were two of them coming and going. While one was drinking a bird was eating in the bird feeder. The hummingbird kept looking at the feeder while he drank. After it got its fill of nectar it flew away. The other bird kept eating.

Hummingbird checking out the feeders

Hummingbird at its feeder and another bird above it

In the evening we did two virtual dances on Zoom. The first dance was at 6:00, Jeremy Butler hosted an A2/C1 event. During the session Jeremy did three A2 tips and one C1 tip. He called for 45 minutes. We had a lot of fun.

The hour between the dances we danced an A2 two couple square to Johnny Preston. We have been working on this tip for last couple of nights and it has taken us over an hour or more to get through. Tonight it only took us a half hour. During the tip we did stop a few times to walk through moves we had problems with. It was more fun tonight.
The second dance was Plus at 8:00 with Loren Smith. Loren hosts this dance every Thursday. He called four tips (three were two couple and the last was four couple). We had fun dancing to Loren, he cues a lot.

After the second dance we watched a couple of episodes of Alpha House. I watched Club Zero on Amazon. It's a comedy movie about a misfit girl who has dreams of outer space. When a competition gives her a chance to be recorded for NASA's Golden Record, she recruits a group of Birdie Scouts to help. She forms friendships with them. It was a cute movie I thought it was better than the reviews. Then I watched a 2003 movie on Acorn called The Return. The movie was a drama about a woman that was released from prison after 10 years for murdering her husband and returns home. It starred Julie Walters and Neil Dudgeon. I did my daily challenges, there wasn't an event today. I did 28,000 steps, this put me in third place in my group for the day.

Relaxing in front of the television

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