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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Monday 6-8 Building a Bird House

Hot Day

Today was very hot, it got up to 101 degrees at the house. 

Temperature at the house at 5:00

We didn't have anything on the agenda and we didn't have any projects to do. Larry decided he would build a birdhouse. He printed out a plan from the web. We did not have to purchase anything because we had everything we needed. I helped him move his miter saw to his work table. Then he cut some scrap plywood to the size he needed. He modified one of the boards to add a plastic window because he wanted to see the birds go in the house. Next he drilled holes in the boards so he could screw the pieces together. The directions for the birdhouse didn't have a perch but Larry added one. The last step today was to stain the pieces. The birdhouse looks great.

Birdhouse Plan

Cutting the boards to the size needed

Making a hole for the birds to enter the house

The finished front board

The birdhouse without stain

While Larry built the birdhouse I did my daily challenges and The Event: Two Game Tango of 10 Klondike games and 10 Tri Peaks games. It took me 1 hour, 32 minutes and 35 second, which put me in 10th place in my group.

In the afternoon Larry stained the birdhouse. I did more spring cleaning.

In the evening we watched our YouTube videos. Then we finished watching Upload. It was a good series except the ending was a cliffhanger. Then I watched the fifth season of Trail & Retribution. I ended up doing 28,000 steps.

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