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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Friday 6-26 Cardio Workout with Julia Bognar

Cardio Workout

In the morning we went back to Crossroads Park. We parked next to the baseball fields. A few of the batting cages were being used by families. One had a mother pitching to one of her girls while the other girl was warming up with a bat behind the net. The batter was wearing a helmet. Another cage was being used by a father and son. Our walk was the same trail as Wednesday except we walked the opposite direction. While walking we saw a couple of ladies walking their dog. When we got back to the playground there was another family using a batting cage, the family appeared to be a mother, father and two girls.

It's amazing, no matter how many trails a city puts in there is always someone using them. Today there was a breeze out of the south so the walk was pleasant. I was sticky when we got back to the car but not drenched with sweat. We walked 35 minutes for 1.7 miles.

After lunch I used another cardio workout program that Larry downloaded from Amazon. The program is called 21 Day Transformation and Julia Bognar hosts it. The program has ten episodes and each episode is for each day. I'm not doing the 21 days challenge but I did do the first two episodes. Each episode was 20 minutes long. The first episode was called Home Cardio for Fat Loss, it concentrated on burning fat. There was a lot of kicking and punching. The second episode was called Ultimate No Equipment Butt Lifting & Ab Toning Workout. There was a lot of leg lifts, twisting from side to side, shuffling from side to side, lunges and squats. The last five minutes was on the floor for a few ab exercises. Some of the exercises on both episodes I couldn't do because I am out of shape and not limber enough but I still kept moving the full 20 minutes. I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

I worked on my daily challenges and The Event: Free Cell Adventure of 20 games. It took me 2 hours, 27 minutes and 32 seconds. When I finished I was in 10th place in my group but I probably will fall a few spots by the end of the challenge.

Today Larry did our online grocery shopping at Walmart. We usually go to the Walmart in Belton because it's convenient to The UPS Store and we pick up our mail. There were no openings in Belton today so we sent our order to the Walmart in Temple. That was ok, we will pick up our mail next week. The Temple store is actually a bit closer than the Belton store.

Weekly Grocery Shopping

At 6:00 we attended an A2 Virtual Square Dance with Ett hosting it. There were 56 people participating in the virtual dance. After the second tip we were getting frustrated so we stopped, dancing with phantoms is very difficult and Ett was not cuing at all. Most callers help by cuing calls where you are in unusual positions or if they see folks having problems. After the dance Larry sent Ett an email asking her if she could cue a bit more.

We continued dancing but used the A2 two couple tapes with Johnny Preston for 45 minutes. Then we tried a C1 tip with Lee Kopman, after 15 minutes we gave up.

After square dancing we watched a few episodes of Alpha House. Then I watched a 1993 series called The Fragile Heart on Acorn. It was a drama about a cardiac surgeon, who's ambition and self confidence takes him through events that shakes his personal and professional life. It was an ok drama. I did 26,000 steps.         

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