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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Saturday 6-6 Spring Cleaning

Day of Spring cleaning

We spent the morning doing some more Spring cleaning. I cleaned the master closet from top to bottom. I took everything off the shelves and wiped down the shelves, clothes bars and the base boards. Then I vacuumed and washed the floor. Next I cleaned the laundry room. I wiped down the shelves, doors and door frames, base boards and washed the floor. The last section of the house I did was the hallway and the second bathroom. I wiped down the crown molding and base boards, then I vacuumed and washed the floor. Larry did a lot of cleaning throughout the house. He cleaned all the ceiling fans, vents, replaced the filters in the air filters and he cleaned his workroom. He did a super job of cleaning. While I was washing the floors I washed the floor in Larry's workroom.

I did my daily challenges and The Event: Spider Adventure of 20 games. It took me 3 hours, 6 minutes and 13 seconds to complete, this put me in 22nd place.

At 2:30 we did a Virtual Square Dance via Zoom. It was organized by Thom Cuong M. Dang he invited Chris Jenson out of New Mexico and Darren Gallina out of California to call the dance. It was an hour long, we did 4 tips with a singing call. 96 people were signed in via Zoom. The dancers were from Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A and other countries. It was a lot of fun. We did mainstream and plus tips.
In the evening we watched some YouTube videos and a documentary on Amazon called The Barkley Marathon: The Race That Eats Its Young. People come from all over the world to participate in this race because it is so difficult. It's 126 miles long, the route goes through the wilderness and goes up and down hills. The racers have to complete five loops and each loop you go either counter clockwise or clockwise. Two of the loops take place during the day and two take place in the night. You have to be able to read a map and you can still get lost. During this documentary three people finished the race. By the time they finished they were scratched up, had blisters and were exhausted. Some years no one finishes the race because it's so challenging. It was a good documentary. Then we started watching an Amazon series called Upload. So far it's ok. Then I watched the third season of Trail & Retribution. I did 26,000 steps.   

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