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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Monday 6-1 Boating in The Rain

Boating on Lake Belton

I woke up early this morning, 7:30. I surprised Larry, he asked why I was up. I told him I woke up at 7:00 and couldn't get back to sleep.

After breakfast Larry went outside to work on the irrigation system. This year when Larry was starting up the irrigation system he noticed that the top rubber protector on most of the backyard rotator heads were badly deteriorated and needed replaced. He ordered a dozen heads, this morning he decided to replace them. He ended up replacing 10 of them. It took him all morning. After lunch he went back out and adjusted all of them. There are three heads he didn't replace, they work but they also need to be replaced. 

While Larry was working on the irrigation system I updated our monthly expenses spread sheet.

I did my daily challenges, I didn't have an event so I only had 5 games. Microsoft Solitaire anniversary celebration is over so the points are back to normal.

The weather was nice and cool and there was very little wind so we decided to go to the lake and boat awhile. By the time we got to the lake the wind came up a little. The lake was a bit choppy so we ended up doing a set of Air Chair and floating. While Larry was breaking down the Air Chair a small rain front came through. It start out just sprinkling and then it came down hard. We slowly went back to the dock. Larry got the trailer and the rain stopped. Then I put the boat on the trailer. We usually wipe the boat down at the lake but we decided that the wet roads would cause the boat to get filthy so we waited until we got home. While at the lake we saw a few boats, people were fishing, skiing and tubing. We also saw a couple of cranes. We were at the lake for about an hour. 

A big crane flying over our boat

A crane sitting on a log

Larry air chairing down the lake

A rain storm on the lake

We spent the evening relaxing in front of the television. We watched our YouTube videos and an Amazon documentary called Vamos Cuba. It was about a gentleman from Germany, who went to Cuba and toured the country. It was very good. Then we watched the second episode of Carnival Row. Then I finished watching DCI Banks and started the series of The Brief. This series is about a criminal law barrister. I did 27,000 steps. 

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