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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Wednesday 5-27 Cleaning the Generator

We had a beautiful day. In the afternoon the clouds rolled in and we got some rain. The front stayed around the rest of the day and through the evening.

Larry spent quite a bit of time cleaning and repairing parts of the generator. I kept him company in the morning. Because of all the road grime and weather over the past 25 years some of the generator parts were very grungy. Larry used Dawn, water and brushes. The pieces came out great.

When we disassembled the generator two bolts from a shield and a couple from the exhaust system broke off. Today Larry was able to get them out but we will need to replace them. There was also a stud that holds the exhaust onto the engine that needs some work.

Spraying the soap off the generator pan

Scrubbing the motor cover with Dawn

Cleaning the generator cover

I did my daily challenges and The Event: Free Cell Adventure of 20 games. The games were Free Cell games at different levels; Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. It took me 2 hours, 36 minutes and 28 seconds to complete, which put me in 8th place in my group.

In the evening we finished watching the first season of Dead Still. Then we started watching an Acorn series called Prisoners' Wives, which is about wives of men in prison. We watched one episode, so far it's a good series. Then I finished the second season of DCI Banks. I did 28,000 steps which put me in second place in my new group.

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