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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Friday 5-1 Surprise Visitor

Happy May

Today was the first day of May. We had a gorgeous day of sunshine and the temperature got to 86 degrees. 

Larry did his first of the month routine. At the beginning of every month he adds bleach to our septic system and backs our computer up to the cloud. Normally we also take the Minnie for a spin and run the generator but since we drove it two weeks ago we will wait until next month. Then he fertilized the yards. While he did this I did my daily challenges and The Event: Klondike Mini of 5 games. It took me exactly 12 minutes to finish, which put me in 31st place in my group. I got stuck on the third game.

While Larry was doing his monthly routine we received a surprise phone call from a friend in Austin (Brian). It was a pleasant surprise, he wanted to see how we were doing. Larry talked to Brian for over an hour. While Larry was on the phone I did some Sudoku puzzles.

When Larry got off the phone I asked him to choose a new book for me to read on my Kindle. He chose another historic fiction called Metropolis by Ellie Midwood. It takes place in Weimar Berlin in 1924, the characters are unemployed actors, profiteers, cabaret girls and impoverished aristocracy. So far the book is very good.

The other day I wrote that I finished my jigsaw puzzle and it was very challenging because each piece of the puzzle had a different photo on it. Below are examples of the pieces. 

Larry was walking around the house doing this and that and walked by the garage. He saw a snail walking up the garage door. What a pleasant surprise visitor.

What a beautiful snail!!!

In the evening we watched Eureka and I watched Chuck. I did 26,000 steps.

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