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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tuesday 5-26 Generator Project

Beautiful Spring Day

We had a beautiful sunny day with the temperature in the low 80's.

We spent most of the day working on the Minnie generator. First Larry had to unhook all of the wires and fuel line, then using a floor jack and wood blocks we slowly got the generator on the ground, we then slid it out from under the Minnie and put it on a furniture dolly so we could roll it into the garage. Good thing we took the washer to storage, we put our work table in that area and lifted the generator onto it. It is very heavy, a label on the front says it is lightweight, 174 lbs. It took us about two hours to get the generator out and onto the table.

Using the factory service manual Larry started to dis-assemble the generator. While the manual was a great help it was not entirely accurate, some things they left out. We discovered we didn't have the correct size Torx socket to remove a couple of bolts so we had to stop for a bit.

Since it might be a couple of weeks until we finish the generator we decided to take the Minnie back to storage. After dropping it off we went to Harbor Freight. Larry put on his mask to go in and buy the Torx socket we needed. When we got home Larry continued disassembling the generator. The magneto is located behind the fan/flywheel, he had the correct puller but he still had a heck of a time getting it to come off. At about 3:30 we finally got to the magneto, now we have to clean things up and wait for the part. 

The sign that comes on the generator

The generator in the Minnie

The generator after taking it out of the pan and taking components off

The pan the generator sits in

The generator cover and a couple of components

Other parts off the generator

The fan on the motor

The pan that holds the generator is filthy so before calling it a day we removed generator from the pan. We put the generator on the floor in the garage. Then we put the pan outside considering it smelled of fuel. Tomorrow we will clean the pan and generator cover. 

While Larry worked on the disconnecting components from the generator to remove it from the Minnie I did my daily challenges and The Event: Hard Road Mini of five games. It took me 51 minutes and 47 seconds, which put me in 26th place in my group.

After calling it a day we watch our YouTube videos. I checked my flowers. Everytime I see more flowers blooming.

More flowers
In the evening we watched an Amazon movie called Noble. It was a true story about an Irishwoman, Christina Noble, who goes to Ho Chi Minh in 1989 to help the street children by giving them shelter. It was a very good movie. Then we started watching an Acorn series called Dead Still, which is about 'postmortem photography' in the 1880's. It was ok. Then I finished watching the first season of DCI Banks and started the second season. I did 27,000 steps. 

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