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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Monday 5-11 Sad and Excited

I'm so sad

Why am I sad? I woke up this morning and looked out the back window and noticed that some of the flowers weren't as tall as they were. Later when I watered the flowers all the plants that had a bud on them the buds were gone. I believe the deer ate them. A couple of years ago when I planted flowers the deer ate them. Last year we thought about putting a small fence around the planter but we didn't, it was ok because the deer did not eat my flowers. Well, I guess we may have to get a fence. I love watching the wildlife coming through the yards so I don't want to fence the wildlife out. I may loose a few flowers but that's ok.

No more buds

Why are were excited? For the last five days we have been working on replacing the landscaping timbers on the south side of the house with block, today we finished. We started working at 8:00 and were finished by 1:00. 

Today we finished putting in more tiers, we ended up putting in six tiers. A couple of the tiers were two blocks high and the other four were one block high. In order make the tiers we had to dig out the gravel and then lay the block. After making the tiers we added the remaining block on the wall. Then we moved the gravel around to even it out the best we could. Some places there was extra gravel so we shoveled the extra gravel in the low spots including in front of the house where the gravel had washed out a bit in the years. As we were building the wall we had to dig out a lot of dirt so after we finished with the gravel we shoveled some of the dirt into a low spot in the yard and the rest of the dirt we spread using a rake. We moved the old timbers to the other side of the house so we can cut them down. The block wall looks excellent.


When we took our lunch break at 11:00 I did my daily challenges and The Event: Easy Street which was five games of Solitaire. It took me 9 minutes and 39 seconds, which put me in 22nd place in my group. Today's bonus points were on the Daily Challenges, which were five different Solitaire games. The points that earned were double than usual. It's find doing the Microsoft Solitaire challenges.

After finishing the project I took an hour nap. 

For dinner we had pork carnitas wraps. In the evening we watched a documentary movie on PBS, The Windermere Children. It was based on a real story of Polish children who survived World War II. After the war England took a group of children in and taught them how to survive in the world after being prisoners of the war. Then we watched an episode of Call The Midwife. Then I finished watching the second season of Rake and started the third season. I did 24,000 steps.


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