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Monday, May 18, 2020

Sunday 5-17 Making Donut Holes

What a beautiful

We had a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine. The temperature got to 88 degrees and very little wind.

Yesterday Larry ordered a piece of plastic from Michael's to build a box for one of our security cameras. Micheal's has a curbside service but when we went to pick it up our order it had been cancelled because they didn't have the item in stock, they could not explain why their system did not notify of this, hours later we did get a cancellation notice. Larry ordered it from The Home Depot. We received an e-mail hours later that said our order was ready but there was not enough time to get there before the curb service closed for the day.

This morning when I got up Larry was gone, he went to pickup the piece of plastic from The Home Depot. 

When Larry got home I had surprised him by making mini pancakes. They were ok but I like the normal sized pancakes. 

After breakfast Larry worked on building his security camera box. It came out excellent.

Security Camera Box

While Larry worked on his camera box I did my daily challenges and The Event: Experts Only Mini of five games. They were very challenging. It took me i hour, 24 minutes and 13 seconds, which put me in 16th place in my group.

Yesterday we watched a few Emma Goodies YouTube videos. Emma makes videos on how to make different foods. The recipes are very easy and quick. The videos we were watching were on making donuts, donut holes and pizza. These recipes don't use yeast instead they used yogurts. We really like donuts and we have not had a donut since the virus lock down started. This afternoon we made the donut holes. The recipe called for self rising flour, she said if you didn't have any you could use regular flour but add either baking soda or baking powder. She told you how much to add. I added baking soda to the flour. I combined the flour and yogurt together. She used a special bag for making the donut holes but she said if you didn't have this bag you can use a zip lock bag or spoon. I used a teaspoon to form the donut holes. The most important thing while cooking the donut holes is keeping the oil the right temperature. Once the donut holes were cooked I put them in a glaze made by using powder sugar, milk, and butter. I put a little of this glaze in a bowl and added cocoa to it to make it chocolate glaze. I had made the donut holes using a teaspoon and they were a little small. Larry decided to make a couple of larger ones and they seemed to be better. The donut holes were delicious, not as good as we get at the donut shop but still very good. They are a little heavier than the donut holes you buy in a donut shop. It was fun making the donut holes.

Donut Holes waiting to be cooked

Donut Holes cooking in oil

The glaze

Larry cooking donut holes

The finished donut holes dipped in chocolate glaze
Donut holes dipped in regular glaze

While hanging around the house we watched YouTube videos and two episodes of the GizWiz show. Then we watched The Martian. I finished watching Rake, which was a British comedy about a lawyer and his life. Then I watched a couple of episodes of Our Girl. I did 20,000 steps.

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