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Friday, May 1, 2020

Thursday 4-30 Irrigation System Projects

Have a good day

We had a gorgeous day of sunshine. The wind was down and the temperature was in the low 80's.

In the morning we finished the sprinkler project. Larry started by cutting the PVC pipe already in the ground to the length he wanted. Then he cut a small piece of pipe and glued 45 degree elbows on both ends of the piece with PVC purple primer and solvent cement. Once the elbows set up he glued the joint to the main PVC pipe. Next he let the pipe set up. After doing this on the first sprinkler head he moved to the second one and did the same. He let the two set up for about two hours before he screwed on the actual head and filled the holes with dirt.

Gluing pieces together

Completed and waiting

Applying the glue

Filling in the hole

The next irrigation system project was to turn the irrigation system on for the season. After Larry turned it on he went around the yards and adjusted the sprinkler heads. He found that after six years of being in the Texas sun some of the big rotor sprinkler heads had gotten brittle, some were impossible to adjust. He also noticed that the two new rotor heads sprayed more evenly, maybe the nozzles are worn on the old heads. He only has one new spare so he will need to order more heads. No hurry, the old ones still work.

While Larry was working on starting up the irrigation system I finished reading a great book on my Kindle. The Last Letter From Juliet was written by Melanie Hudson. It's a historic fiction story about love, friendship and resilience during World War II. It was about a woman pilot Juliet Carson and her life through her letters. It was so good the book was hard to put down.

Enjoying a great book
In the evening we watched YouTube videos and watched television. We streamed a few episodes of Eureka. Once Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of the fourth season of Chuck. I also did my daily challenges. I did 28,000 steps.

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