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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Tuesday 5-5 Home Projects

Home Projects

Larry surprised me by making biscuits for breakfast. They came out perfect.

After breakfast we went outside to do a couple of home projects. First up was making covers for the survey markers. Yesterday, we bought a 3" PVC  pipe that was 10' long. Using the miter saw we cut the pipe into shorter pieces, then using a belt sander Larry made one end sharp. Next he used a plastic board and hammered each one into the ground over our five property markers and put a cover on them. These look great and should ensure we can always find the markers.

The cover in the far back of the backyard

The cover in the frontyard

While we were doing the project a front came in. It became very windy and clouds rolled in. It looked like rain but we only had a few sprinkles. The wind was out of the north so it kept the temperature nice and cool. By 5:00 the temperature was 80 degrees.

The next project was replacing the solar attic fan with a traditional vent. When it rains really hard water blows up inside our solar attic fan causing leaks into the attic, Larry decided to remove it. When he installed the solar fan he had to cut a big hole in the roof, he was unable to find a replacement locally so he ordered one online from The Home Depot. Yesterday, the vent came in. After lunch we went back outside to replace the attic fan with a vent. First. Larry had to remove the solar attic fan. It was a mess because when Larry installed it he used a tar sealant. This sealant never completely dries so it was very tacky and messy. Before installing the new vent Larry drilled a few holes for screws because it was easier than doing this on the roof. The vent was a lot easier to get on the roof because it was much lighter. Once he got the vent on the roof he put it over the same hole as the old solar fan. He sealed the vent with the same sealant as the solar fan. Then he screwed the vent into the roof. Once it was installed it looked great. He collected his tools and brought them off the roof. The tools had a lot of the tar sealant on them so it was a mess to clean. I helped him clean them with a tar and bug remover it worked great. Larry used Goo Gone, he said it worked great also.

Installing new vent

Drilling holes into the vent

New vent installed

After doing our projects I went and took a nap. While we were having lunch I did my daily challenges and The Event: Two Game Tango Mini (3 games of Spider and 3 games of Free Cell). It took me 17 minutes and 29 seconds, which put me in 23rd place in my group. The only person I know in the group is Louise, it's fun to see how fast she does the event. Today it was funny because I only beat her by 2 seconds.

We watched our YouTube videos. In the evening we watched Eureka and I watched Chuck. I did 24,000 steps.      

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