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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Friday 5-8 Second Day of Block Project

Hold on tight

We had another long day of working on replacing landscaping timbers. The weather was very comfortable because of the north wind and the temperature in the 70's. 

Yesterday, when we called it a day we were getting low on landscaping blocks so Larry ordered more. Our truck bed can only hold so much weight, the last order was 45 blocks and the truck hung low. This  time Larry ordered 50 blocks and we will probably need about 50 more. Larry went to The Home Depot website and made the order at 2:30 pm and it didn't get filled until 2:30 am today.

This morning when I got up we had breakfast. After breakfast we went back to work on the wall. We dug out more dirt and laid the rest of the blocks we had. Once that was done we went to pick up our order at the curbside of The Home Depot. We waited for the order for over a half hour because they had trouble finding it. Larry climbed into the back of the truck to load the block while the two employees handed them to him. They said due to liability reasons they couldn't get into the back of the truck. Still saved us a lot of work, we didn't have to load them onto the cart and they handed them up to Larry. Once we got home Larry backed the truck into the backyard. Then we unloaded the blocks. Afterwards we took a lunch break.

After lunch we were back to work on the wall. The part of the project this afternoon was to remove the rest of the old timbers from the side of the house. Some of them were hard to remove because they were rotted out. After removing the timbers Larry removed the stakes. We were tired and it was 2:30 so we called it a day.

So far we have laid 20 ft. of block, about 10 ft. each day. We have another 40 feet or so to go so we will be at this for quite some time.

In the afternoon I worked on my daily challenges. Microsoft was celebrating their anniversary so today every Free Cell game you solved you got bonus points. The bonus points were double the points. The daily challenges only had one Cell Point game. Today I had The Event: Two Game Tango, which was 10 Free Cell and 10 Pyramid. The bonus points applied to the ten games in this challenge. It took me 1 hour, 52 minutes and 37 seconds, which put me in 12th place in my group. 

In the evening we finished watching The Lost Sea Expedition. It was very good. Then we watched a movie on Amazon called The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box. It was an adventure quest of a young fearless hero and his adventures to find the Midas Box. Then I watched a few episodes of Rake. I did 25,000 steps.

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