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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Friday 5-15 First Flower

An overcast day

It didn't cool off that much last night. By morning it was still in the low 70's with humidity of 78%. There was a cloud covering all day and the humidity stayed in the mid 70%.

I woke up around 8:00 and made myself breakfast. Larry had already eaten. 

After breakfast Larry went outside to work on a small project. A few years ago Larry had installed a tool storage rack from The Seeds Program in the garage. The rack was designed to hold yard tools to get them out of the way. It was a metal bar with holders. The holders were made where you pushed the handle of the tool on a rubber piece and the rubber piece holds the tool in place. The bar worked great for years. The other day when Larry was putting the yard tools away one of the rubber holders broke. He didn't really want to replace the rack with another one because it would happen again. He has another yard tool holder that also came from the Seeds Program that he really likes, he thought about purchasing another one but it is quite expensive. He decided he would make one. He went on Amazon and found a six pack of steel garage storage utility hooks, they arrived yesterday.  Yesterday, he cut and sanded a board to the size he wanted for the storage rack, then he stained it. This morning he mounted the board and then installed five of the hooks. The hooks were easy to installed. Afterwards he put his tools on the hooks. The project came out very nice.

One of the hooks

The completed rack

The rack after the tools were put on it

While Larry worked on his project I did my daily challenges and The Event: Hard Road Mini of 5 hard level games. It took me 31 minutes and 36 second, which put me in 20th place in my group. Today celebration bonus points were on Free Cell games that you play, you double your points. 

Larry has been wanting to go to Killeen to donate some items to the Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity. He called to see if they were open, they said they were. After lunch we loaded the items in the back of the truck and went to Killeen. The gentleman was very friendly and told Larry he could relax in the truck and he would get the items. Larry put on his mask and decided to help the gentleman just to make it easier for him. The gentleman asked if Larry wanted to walk through the store. Larry likes doing this but because of the Coronavirus he passed on the invitation. 

When we got home I went outside to water my flowers. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had my first flower. I also noticed a few more are ready to show up.

Flowers starting to grow

More getting ready to bloom

We spent the rest of the day relaxing. We watched our YouTube videos. In the evening we started watching Asian Americans on PBS. We watched Part One: Breaking Ground & A Question of Loyalty. The Breaking Ground section was about the first immigrates from Japan, China and beyond and how they had to adapt their lives in America. The Question of Loyalty was about the Asian American loyalty to America during World War II. It was a very well done documentary of the Asian American and their struggles in America. Then we watched an episode of Call The Midwife. When Larry went to bed I finished the fourth season of Rake and started the last season. I also did 28,000 steps.

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