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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Friday 5-29 Weekly Errands

Doing the happy dance

We made it to the weekend. The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous with a lot of sunshine. 

Larry needed a few parts in order to complete the generator project. First thing this morning we went to town. The first stop was Ace Hardware, Larry put his mask on and went inside. He bought a few screws to replace the ones that broke off. He also needed a new exhaust clamp, they didn't have any but luckily the nearby NAPA Auto Parts said they could get it by noon. 

On Monday (a holiday) Larry ordered a magneto from ASAP, they shipped it Tuesday via USPS first class mail. Larry likes to track his shipments but the post office's tracking is not very good, you're never sure when you're going to get it. Every day Larry checked to see where his part was. This morning it was in Austin, we thought we probably won't see it until tomorrow. At 12:30 the website showed they delivered the part to the UPS Store. Larry was surprised and very excited his part was here, now he can finish the generator project. 

Larry did our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart. It was ready at 2:00 and for the first time they didn't have to substitute or cancel any of our items. It's nice to see that vendors are getting caught up on customers demands.

We went to town at 2:00. While Larry waited for our groceries at Walmart Curbside I walked over to the UPS Store to pick up the magneto and the rest of our mail. Then we went to NAPA and picked up the clamp.

In the afternoon I worked on my daily challenges and The Event: Spider Adventure of 20 games. It took me 3 hours, 43 minutes and 6 seconds. I struggled on games number 18 and 19. I ended up coming in 14th in my group. I watered my flowers.

Looking good

In the evening we finished watching the first season of Prisoners Wives. I finished watching the third season of DCI Banks and started the fourth season. I did 26,000 steps. 


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