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Friday, May 22, 2020

Thursday 5-21 Recycling Cans

Having fun

We had another hot humid day. It got to 89 degrees and the humidity was 54%. It's hot, stay in doors and keep cool.

What is on the agenda for the day? When I water my flowers in the backyard planter I notice that wildlife have been busy digging holes in the yard. During the night we get visitors from raccoons, possums and deer. Occasionally we have foxes and armadillos. Some of the wildlife dig holes in order to find food and others just graze on the plants. A couple years ago we saw an armadillo on our security camera doing his thing in the yard. I don't mind the wildlife in the yards. Some of the holes were made because of the deer walking through the yard and it has been wet by the irrigation system, septic and rain. Some of the holes were getting deep and I was afraid a deer would get hurt. Larry laughed at me because he thought I was crazy. At the back of the yard where the creek runs a lot of dirt had built up so this morning I took a bucket and used some of the dirt to fill the holes. I filled seven deep holes and the rest of the dirt I spread in other small holes. It took about a half hour. 

Breaking in new gloves

Dirt used to fill holes

One of the holes
A couple more holes
I drink a lot of sodas and we recycle the cans but due to coronavirus the recycling center has been closed, the recycle center reopened this week. While I filled the holes Larry loaded the cans in the back of the truck. After I finished with the holes off to town we went to recycle the cans.

Bags of cans in the bed of the truck

After lunch we had to decide either to go to the lake or for me to mow. The decision was made after looking at the weather report. There is a high percentage chance of rain tomorrow and through the weekend. I mowed the frontyard and half of the backyard. While I mowed Larry weedeated. It took me a little over an hour. I was soaking wet from sweat. 

When I finished mowing I did my daily challenges and The Event: World Mini Tour of 7 games. It took me 21 minutes and 43 seconds. It put me in 27th place in my group.

In the morning Larry replaced the spark plug in the generator and the generator started right up so we decided to take the Minnie back to the storage center. By the time we got to the center the generator stopped running, back to the house we went with the Minnie. 

After I cooled off I took a nap. While I was sleeping Larry watched a few videos on our Minnie generator. He found out that a lot of people have similar problems with this generator, it will run for a little while and then shut off. He tried one of the suggestions but it didn't work, he's not giving up yet. He'll continue playing with it.

Larry ordered a new mattress topper for our bed. It wasn't due to come in until next week but it arrived this afternoon. When I woke up we took the memory foam topper off the bed and put the new Latex topper on. Larry is very excited to test the new mattress out.

In evening we watched our YouTube videos. We watched two great shows on Amazon. The first one was a movie called Cas & Dylan, it was a comedy/drama starting Richard Deyfuss and Tatiana Maslany. It was about a dying doctor, who plans to check out his own way and takes a detour when he meets a 22 year old girl. The second show was an hour documentary called Dog Man: The Dick Russell story. It was about the legency of a famous dog trainer in Louisiana. Then I watched a few episodes of Goliath. I did 28,000 steps.

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