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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Saturday 5-9 A Very Pleasant Day

We had another beautiful day of sunshine. In the morning the wind was very low but by afternoon the wind came up. The temperature just got into the low 70's. It was a perfect day for continuing working on the wall.

I surprised Larry this morning by getting out of bed at 7:15. I made mini waffles for breakfast. We started working on the wall at 8:00 and stopped for lunch at 11:00

During our lunch break I did my daily challenges and The Event: Two Game Tango (3 games of Pyramid and 3 games of Tri Peak). It took me 9 minutes and 10 seconds. I came in 11th place in my group. Today the extra points we received today was for any Spider games played. 

We went back to work at about 11:45 and stopped at 2:30. We got further than we expected. When we stopped we only had 16 blocks left to use so Larry went online and ordered another 50 blocks. Our local The Home Depot didn't have any more blocks in stock, nor did the Killeen store, so Larry had to order them from the Georgetown location.

When Larry ordered the blocks the website said they were busy and the order might not be ready until tomorrow so we were surprised an hour later when we got an email saying it was ready. Off to Georgetown we went. This location was very busy but well organized, we pulled up to one of the curbside spots and an employee wearing a mask was right there and took our name and order number. Shortly afterwards we were notified to pull up to the contractor area to pick up the order. As we were waiting in line a couple of employees came with our order. Larry climbed into the truck's bed and the employees handed him the blocks. We were in and out within fifteen minutes.

When we got home I made dinner. After dinner we watched a few YouTube videos. Then we watched the movie Thor. Afterwards I watched a few more episodes of Rake. I did 22,000 steps.     

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