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Friday, May 15, 2020

Thursday 5-14 Dentist and Mowing Backyard

Keep cool under a fan

We had a hot humid day. The temperature got to 90 degrees with the humidity of 49%.

The temperature at our house at 5:00

I slept in until 8:20 am. By the time I crawled out of bed Larry had already ate breakfast and was reading the paper. 

Larry had a appointment at 9:10 for the oral surgeon to check his implant to see if it was ready for a crown. Larry was very impressed with the office, they had installed shields between the reception area and the lobby, they were also providing hand sanitizer and everyone was wearing a mask, the dentist actually was wearing two. Larry wore a mask into the office and only removed it for an x-ray and when the dentist had to look into his mouth. Now he has to start the process with our dentist of getting a crown put on the implant. Back in late January he had a crown put on a different tooth and that tooth is still causing him pain. The dentist is suppose to look at both teeth next week.

Going to the dentist

While Larry was at his appointment I mowed the whole backyard. It took me about an hour and a half. The back of the yard by our neighbors fence was the hardest area to mow because it was very muddy. It had been about three weeks since I mowed the far back. By the time I finished I was tired because it was 10:45 and getting hot. What the yard looked like after I mowed it.

The backyard all the way to the neighbor's fence

The backyard by the planter

The backyard on the side of the house

In the afternoon I took a nap for a couple of hours and Larry read. Before taking a nap I did my daily challenges and The Event: Medium Mayhem of 27 games. It took me 4 hours, 21 minutes and 14 seconds, which put me in 30th place in my group. The reason it took me so long was because I took a short break and I forgot to log out of the challenge so the time continued.

For dinner I barbecued hamburgers. After dinner we watched our YouTube videos including a music video from Mary Chapin Carpenter. Then we watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grundelwald from our dvd selection. After the movie we watched an episode of the second season of Our Girl. Last season was about a young girl, Molly Dawes and her six months tour in Afghanistan. This season is about the sixth week humanitarian tour in Kenya of Georgie Lane. Then I watched a few episodes of Rake. I did 27,000 steps.


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