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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tuesday 6-6-23 Dentist, Games, Motorcycle & Games


Doing this and that

We had a great day of doing this and that.

We started the day out by going to the dentist to get our sixth month cleaning and yearly x-rays. We both got a clean bill of health for another sixth months. Next stop was the UPS Store to pick up our mail. Then we swung by the Goodwill store and dropped off an old hydraulic jack. Last stop was at Jack 'n' Jill Donuts for breakfast.

Going to the dentist

When we got home Larry took the motorcycle for a ride. While he went for a ride I cleaned the inside windshield of the truck. When Larry got back he changed the house water filter and the A/C filter.

Taking the bike for a ride

I played my Daily Challenges of Solitaire and Mahjong. Then I moved to the event, which was Event: The Hard Road of 16 games. This took me 2 hours, 28 minutes and 31 seconds, which put me in 11th place in my group.

I worked on my jigsaw puzzle most of the afternoon.

I played the weekly challenge Total Nuclear Annihilation and got a new high score of 748,511. Then I played two other pinball games on the cabinet, Theatre of Magic and Great Houdini. On the arcade machine I played four fruit (slots) games (The Lord of the Rings, Jolly Taverner, Jack Pot X and Jack Pot Bars) and two arcade games (Pac Mania and Pengo). Pac Mania is Pac Man except you go through a maze. It's more challenging and fun.

Theatre of Magic


Jack Pot Bars


Jack Pot X

Jolly Taverner


Pac Manic


The Lord of the Rings


New high score

In the evening Larry installed a new channel on the television called Tubi. It's a free station but you have to watch commercials. We watched Snow White and the Huntsman on the channel. It was a good movie. Afterwards I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Then I watched an episode of The X-Files. I ended up doing 17,000 steps, which put me in 3rd place in my group.

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