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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Saturday 6-3-23 Washing the Minnie & Games


Hot Humid Day

We had a hot humid day with the high of 90 degrees. 

We started the day by washing the Minnie. The Minnie was dirty from our trip and we didn't clean it before putting it in storage. When I got up Larry was already outside washing the roof of the Minnie. It took him longer than normal, not sure why it was so dirty and difficult to clean, maybe he didn't wash the roof last year or maybe there was some contaminate in the air someplace we visited, it was spring and lots of things were blooming. While he washed the roof I visited with one of our neighbors (Jeff) and his dog Miles. After Jeff left Larry had finished the roof. He was tired so he took a break. After he rested he washed the rest of the Minnie. I dried the Minnie off. Tomorrow if it doesn't rain we will start waxing the Minnie.

Larry has used the same automotive wax for around 30 years but unfortunately the manufacture closed down and it is no longer available. The last time he ordered from them he bought a gallon of wax and while he has some left it will not be enough. When our friends from Florida were here Paul mentioned the wax he was currently using and how much he liked it. Larry watched a YouTube video where a gentleman compared different ceramic waxes for vehicles and he rated the one Paul liked as the best. Walmart carries the wax so we went to Walmart. Before we went to town Larry removed the battery from the house part of the Minnie. He wanted to get it tested. After buying the wax we stopped by Auto Zone and got the battery tested, it is fine.

I played my Daily Challenges of Solitaire and Mahjong. The event today was Event: Medium Mayhem of 27 games. It took me 1 hour, 35 minutes and 45 seconds, which put me in 16th place in my group. I played Angry Birds.

Larry played some pinball games while I played my games. Today I only played the Black Knight on the pinball machine because I spent most of the day working on my jigsaw puzzle. When I played the Black Knight I got a new high score, which was 443,130.

New high score

In the evening we continued watching the seventh season of Sherwood. When Larry went to bed I watched Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. I ended up doing 16,000 steps, which put me in 7th place in my group.


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